Radius Networks

Connected Retail . Asset Tracking

Radius is the world’s leading provider of mobile proximity solutions used by major retailers, restaurant chains, sport venues and major brand advertisers.

Radius relies on Rigado solutions for device-to-cloud connectivity in their restaurant installations.

CBRE 360 - Experience Services

Smart Offices . Occupancy Sensing

CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services & investment firm.

CBRE uses our Cascade Edge-as-a-Service to get room and desk occupancy data to enable work space efficiency calculations, meeting room availability, and building system automation control in their CBRE 360 application.

Deco Smart Lighting

Commercial Lighting . Bluetooth

DECO Lighting, America’s leading green lighting technology manufacturer, specializes in the manufacturing of innovative, next-generation LED lighting solutions that improve lighting quality & efficiency, and enhance the environment through reduced energy consumption.

Deco uses our BMD-300 module, and also partnered with us on design and development.

Novus Inova

Asset Tracking . Industrial

The Identaris Asset Tracking solution from Novus Inova empowers companies with the ability to manage, track and monitor assets of all sizes distributed across multiple sites and locations.

Novus Inova leverages Rigado Gateways for their BLE connectivity and asset positioning.


Smart Lighting . Bluetooth

Soraa is the world’s leading developer of solid-state lighting technology built on pure gallium nitride substrates, commonly referred to as GaN on GaN™. Only Soraa uses a pure GaN crystal to create simply perfect light.

Soraa leverages Rigado wireless modules their lighting connectivity.


Sensing & Monitoring . Healthcare

Onset’s mission is to be a global leader in data logger and monitoring solutions used to measure, record, and manage data for improving the environment and preserving the quality of temperature-sensitive products.

Onset leverages Rigdao IoT Gateways for sensor-to-cloud connectivity.


Smart Lighting . Mesh

Fagerhult’s Organic Response sensor-equipped smart lighting technology resides inside luminaires and helps LED lighting systems double as data collection devices, enabling facilities managers to make better use of buildings by observing things like room use and occupancy.

Fagerhult is using Rigado Gateways and Modules in their next generation of the Organic Response solution.

ICON Fitness

Commercial Fitness . Bluetooth

We provide the wireless connectivity for ICON Fitness’s line of smart exercise equipment.  Their brands include NordicTrack, iFit, Altra and Pro-Form.

ICON leverages our certified wireless modules as well as our custom RF design, software and firmware development.

Stages Performance Cycling

Sports . Bluetooth . Mobile

We partnered with the Stages team on the design, development and manufacturing of their Dash Performance Cycling system.  This includes our BLE modules, custom RF design, mobile application development, and manufacturing services.

This new product was awarded “Best in Show” at Interbike 2016.

GoPro Developer Program

Video . Bluetooth . Mobile

Rigado is proud to be the premier developer partner and preferred wireless connectivity platform for the GoPro developer program.

This includes official reference designs, APIs, mobile SDKs and developer tools and support.

Concrete Sensors

Industrial . Bluetooth . Mobile

We partnered with Concrete Sensors to create a novel Bluetooth solution for real-time, remote monitoring of concrete curing and setting.

The sensor is zip-tied to rebar and buried in the concrete, and then transmits curing  data as the concrete sets.

Perfect Connected Appliances

Smart Kitchen . Mobile

The Perfect Company is revolutionizing the kitchen with their line of Perfect Bake, Perfect Drink and Perfect Blend smart appliances.

Rigado partners with Perfect for custom wireless application development.


Wearables . Mobile

Viawear’s smart accessories allow you to leave your phone face down or out of sight and enjoy the most precious moments in life while it provides the security of knowing that you’ll never miss anything important.

We provided Viawear’s wireless solution, custom firmware, mobile development and manufacturing.


Entertainment . Mobile

Flybrix allows you to make your own rebuildable,
crash-friendly drones using LEGO® bricks!

Flybrix uses our BMD-300 module for their certified Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

These are just a few of the innovative clients we’ve worked with over the years.

For more information about Rigado IoT Solutions, our client work or connected solutions, please contact us.

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