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Unique Design Challenges of Commercial IoT
In this recorded webinar we discuss the differences between Industrial, Consumer and Commercial IoT applications like…

IoT Security at Scale: Managing end-to-end security for Commercial IoT Gateways
Rigado shares their best practices for creating and managing IoT applications at thousands of locations, while maintaining end-to-end security from point of manufacture through to updates in the field.

Product Videos

Cascade Edge-as-a-Service Product Overview
In this video we provide an overview of Rigado’s Cascade Edge-as-a-Service. Cascade Edge-as-a-service combines Rigado’s Cascade-500 IoT Gateways with a secure platform, scalable tools and a managed security updating service – all offered as a single monthly subscription…

Cascade Edge-as-a-Service Evaluation Kit
Prototyping with the Cascade solution will help you get started quickly with a proof of concept, and then scale on the same platform to any size. Our goal is to help your team save time and cost, while lowering your development and security risk, by providing

BMD 340 Wireless Module for IoT
In this video we discuss the features of the BMD 340 Wireless Module and how to use the development kit to determine if the BMD 340 is right for your project.

White Papers

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Raspberry Pi to Production
Gateways play a critical role in IoT applications. They manage end devices in a complex environment, collect and analyze data from these devices, and communicate aggregated data to the cloud. Determining how to apply these requirements for your specific IoT use case is… more

Derisking IoT Wireless Design
One of the biggest advantages of IoT is the ability to update configurations or add new functionality after the device has left the factory, but you have to do some work upfront. For example, a well designed bootloader enables… more

Unique Design Challenges of Commercial IoT
Naturally, project teams being put on Commercial IoT initiatives are pulling design ideas and technologies from their more established market neighbors, by borrowing technologies, solutions, business models, and design ideas from either Consumer IoT, Industrial IoT, or both. This borrowing of ideas is a chief cause of the high…more

IoT Security at Scale
IoT security at scale is not layered in as an afterthought. It is a foundation built on a root of trust that uses confinement, signing, and encryption. It’s an ongoing process with continuous security updates and active monitoring. … more


Product Briefs

Cascade Edge-as-a-Service
Cascade-500 IoT Gateway
Wireless Modules


IoT Time Podcast S.3 Ep.25 – Rigado
On this episode of IoT Time Podcast, IoT Evolution’s Ken Briodagh sits down with Kevin Tate, Chief Revenue Officer, Rigado, to talk about Hardware, Software, and how the IoT plays with each.

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