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Partner Case Studies

Keeping Vaccines Safe Using IoT in the Healthcare Supply Chain
Onset extended and scaled their existing Bluetooth-based cold-chain temperature monitoring solution by building on Rigado infrastructure to enable real-time data flow and centralized device management.

Unlocking the IoT Promise for Fast Casual Dining
Radius Networks and Rigado partner to create new connected guest and employee experiences for global QSR chains by leveraging secure Bluetooth infrastructure.

Webinars & Presentations

Healthcare Asset Monitoring at Scale Using Bluetooth Low Energy
Healthcare facilities like hospitals, pharmacies, and medical clinics rely on cold chain solutions to maintain safe storage conditions for vaccines and medicines. A breakdown in process can result in breach of compliance, significant financial loss, and/or loss of life. In this webinar Rigado partner Onset Data Loggers discuss how they leverage Rigado gateways and BLE to provide a plug-and-play temperature monitoring solution for commercial healthcare facilities.

Asset Tracking at Scale Using Bluetooth Low Energy
Asset tracking solutions powered by an IoT infrastructure have become key enablers of business model innovations across all types of industry. And as more companies and innovators discover how automated, real-time asset tracking can improve workflows, reduce inventory loss and theft, increase ROI, and introduce process optimizations, there are questions about the technology that is needed to affordably deploy, effectively scale, and more easily manage such solutions.

Finding the ROI in IoT for Hospitality: Delighting Guests While Reducing Costs
As the leading provider of proximity technology solutions, Rigado’s partner Radius Networks is at the forefront of fast-casual dining innovations, with deployments at major brands across the globe. Please join Radius Networks’ Jeff Baskin and Rigado’s Kevin Tate as they highlight Radius’s restaurant solution and discuss the revolutionizing effect that IoT is having on the fast-casual dining industry.

IoT Security at Scale: Managing end-to-end security for Commercial IoT Gateways
Rigado shares their best practices for creating and managing IoT applications at thousands of locations, while maintaining end-to-end security from point of manufacture through to updates in the field.

No Silos at the Edge: The Need for Shared IoT Infrastructure
IoT gateways play a central role in sensor-to-cloud connectivity, and are typically brought into a solution today to support a single, specific application. This ‘silo’ model, however, becomes unsustainable in commercial environments, where there is a requirement for multiple applications to run simultaneously.

Creating a Secure and Scalable Infrastructure
Commercial IoT applications, such as smart buildings and asset tracking, are rapidly gaining adoption across market sectors, these require specific edge IoT architectures that combine low-power wireless and edge computing. Rigado will share best practices for deploying & managing secure Commercial IoT architectures at scale – while minimizing operational cost.

Unique Design Challenges of Commercial IoT
In this recorded webinar we discuss the differences between Industrial, Consumer and Commercial IoT applications and which factors of commercial solutions are critical to success.

Unlocking Bluetooth in Commercial Markets
In this recorded presentation at the Bluetooth Working Group Summit in Kirkland, WA, Rigado co-founder and CTO Justin Rigling presents his vision for the future of Bluetooth Low Energy as the foundation of Commercial IoT solutions.

Bluetooth’s Potential as the Leader in Commercial IoT Infrastructure
In this recorded keynote from Bluetooth World 2018 in Santa Clara, CA, Rigado co-founder and CTO Justin Rigling presents how to use Bluetooth differently to help position it to be the leading protocol for Commercial IoT.


Product Videos

Cascade Edge-as-a-Service Product Overview
In this video we provide an overview of Rigado’s Cascade Edge-as-a-Service. Cascade Edge-as-a-service combines Rigado’s Cascade-500 IoT Gateways with a secure platform, scalable tools and a managed security updating service – all offered as a single monthly subscription…

Gateways: A Bridge to the Rest of the Internet of Things
Mr. Beacon (Steve Statler SVP of Wiliot) interviews Justin Rigling, Rigado CTO, at Bluetooth World. In this video they discuss technical details of enhancing signals strength in beacon scanning, the use of multiple radios and frequencies, and the role of the gateways in IoT architectures.

Interview with Rigado’s CEO at IoT Solutions World Congress 2018
Rigado’s CEO, Ben Corrado,  talks about  how our Cascade Edge-as-a-Service fits into the ever-changing Commercial IoT landscape and the importance that we believe Bluetooth will have in its future at the 2018 IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

BMD 340 Wireless Module for IoT
In this video we discuss the features of the BMD 340 Wireless Module and how to use the development kit to determine if the BMD 340 is right for your project.

Product Announcement from AWS re:Invent 2018
Justin Rigling Rigado announces that RIgado enables the first direct data chain from Bluetooth sensors to AWS Greengrass 1.7.

White Papers

Asset Tracking at Scale Using Bluetooth Low Energy
This white paper looks at why asset tracking is an exciting use case for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and examines successful deployments of BLE-powered asset tracking solutions in commercial environments including…more

Raspberry Pi to Production
Gateways play a critical role in IoT applications. They manage end devices in a complex environment, collect and analyze data from these devices, and communicate aggregated data to the cloud. Determining how to apply these requirements for your specific IoT use case is… more

Derisking IoT Wireless Design
One of the biggest advantages of IoT is the ability to update configurations or add new functionality after the device has left the factory, but you have to do some work upfront. For example, a well designed bootloader enables… more

Unique Design Challenges of Commercial IoT
Naturally, project teams being put on Commercial IoT initiatives are pulling design ideas and technologies from their more established market neighbors, by borrowing technologies, solutions, business models, and design ideas from either Consumer IoT, Industrial IoT, or both. This borrowing of ideas is a chief cause of the high…more

IoT Security at Scale
IoT security at scale is not layered in as an afterthought. It is a foundation built on a root of trust that uses confinement, signing, and encryption. It’s an ongoing process with continuous security updates and active monitoring. … more


Product Briefs

Cascade Edge-as-a-Service
Cascade-500 IoT Gateway
Wireless Modules

Solution Briefs

Asset Tracking
Smart Buildings
Smart Retail
Connected Healthcare
Deploy & Scale Your Smart Logistics Solutions on Rigado & AWS
Leveraging Mesh Networking for Asset Tracking using Wirepas
Smart Buildings with Rigado & Arrow Electronics


Podcasts, Articles, etc.

Unlocking the Potential of In-Store IoT
In this article for TWICE, Rigado CTO Justin Rigling discusses how consumer IoT created the demand for commercial IoT – and the digital infrastructure and partnerships that will power connected retail experiences going forward.

Commercial IoT Hits the Spot for Quick-Service Restaurants
In this article for QSR Magazine, Rigado CTO Justin Rigling discusses how commercial IoT solutions are revolutionizing the hospitality industry in ares like customer experience, business operational efficiency – and why it is strong partnerships that truly enable commercial IoT solutions.

Securing IoT edge infrastructure and mitigating risk
In this article for IoT Agenda, Rigado CTO Justin Rigling discusses securing an IoT network across multiple locations, and thousands of nodes and devices.

Why Bluetooth for Smart Buildings (infographic)
Recent advancements in Bluetooth® technology help make scalable, smart building solutions a reality in commercial and industrial environments where security, reliability, and performance requirements are highest.

Stacey on IoT Podcast – CES Special Episode
Kevin Tate, our CRO, chats with Stacey Higginbotham from in this CES Special Episode (please note: jump to time 26:15).

The Blueprint for IoT Infrastructure in Healthcare
Rigado CTO, Justin Rigling, talks with Healthcare Facilities Today about improving the patient experience, increasing the number of positive healthcare outcomes, and reducing the costs associated with day-to-day operations by building IoT infrastructure in healthcare.

IoT Time Podcast S.3 Ep.25 – Rigado
On this episode of IoT Time Podcast, IoT Evolution’s Ken Briodagh sits down with Kevin Tate, Chief Revenue Officer, Rigado, to talk about Hardware, Software, and how the IoT plays with each.

Commercial IoT environments require shared edge infrastructure
In this article for IoT Agenda, Rigado CTO Justin Rigling discusses the siloed architectures that characterize many of today’s IoT solutions, and why a cloud-down approach is necessary as we move into large-scale commercial IoT adoption.

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