Edge Connect provides a configurable, secure data pipeline for collecting, filtering and delivering data from wireless sensors and devices to on-premises or cloud systems – saving IoT teams weeks or months of edge application development time.

Custom edge connectivity applications are replaced by simple configurations managed within our Edge Direct monitoring and management tools. Key features of Edge Connect include:

  • Powerful custom data filtering and processing capabilities at the edge
  • No Bluetooth programming experience required – complex Bluetooth development is abstracted away without compromising any Bluetooth capabilities
  • Lightweight, versatile JSON Configuration for serializing & transmitting data
  • Collects data from any Bluetooth advertisement-based (beacon) sensors
  • Support for pre-integrated sensors and custom devices
*Edge Connect is included as a part of the Cascade Edge-as-a-Service Subscription. Learn more about Cascade

Edge Data Filtering and Processing

Edge Connect creates a configurable edge data pipeline from device-to-cloud and delivers only the data you need.

Edge computing on the Cascade gateway provides powerful custom edge data filtering and processing capabilities such as:

  • Collect data from only specific devices according to type, MAC address, characteristic, etc.
  • Filter incoming sensor data with 20+ chain-able filters (i.e. advertisement, aggregate, remap, wrap, select, inject, metadata).
  • Combine multiple filters into pipeline definitions for complete control of data handling at the edge.

Complete the pipeline by defining connections to on-premise or cloud services. For example, integrate with on-premise edge computing using AWS IoT Greengrass or data feeds to building management systems. Or send data to web-based systems in the cloud or data lakes.

Learn more about the Cascade gateway ⟶

EdgeDirect Dashboard on Monitor

Edge Connect + Edge Direct

Edge Direct monitoring and management tools enable secure, large-scale wireless deployments of custom sensor and device configurations.

Sensor and device configurations are delivered to the Edge Connect platform – running on Cascade gateways – defining which Bluetooth devices to pay attention to, how incoming data is processed, how data is delivered to the cloud, and more.

The combination of Edge Connect with Edge Direct is also what makes possible the global management of configuration states for gateways by location – and for plug-and-play gateways and devices to be sent directly to the field for installation.

Learn more about Edge Direct →

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