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Secure & cost-effective connectivity with edge computing power to run your custom IoT applications

Why Deploy on Rigado for Commercial IoT?

Time to Market

Get started with a Rigado IoT Edge-as-a-Service Evaluation Kit for integrated device-to-cloud connectivity, computing, and managed security. Certified wireless components reduce development costs and shorten time to market by six months or more.

Edge Computing

Get started with our monthly subscription and no upfront costs for fast ROI.
Our IoT Gateways offer the right mix of performance and efficiency for running your custom edge applications in the
language of your choice.

Integrated Tools for
Secure Updating
& Scalability

Rigado’s Cascade Edge-as-a-Service includes our integrated tools for securely monitoring, provisioning and updating devices in the field.

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Where Do I Start? Building a Commercial IoT Solution

October 24, 2018

The current state of IoT suggests that any new initiative or project will likely go through a lengthy (possibly eternal-feeling) pilot or proof of concept phase. Gartner has indicated that ~80% of PoCs do not make it to production, and it is no wonder. These IoT initiatives are exceedingly complicated, even for very technically advanced […]

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Asset Tracking at Scale Using Bluetooth Low Energy

December 11th, 2018

Asset tracking solutions powered by an IoT infrastructure have become key enablers of business model innovations across all types of industry. And as more companies and innovators discover how automated, real-time asset tracking can improve workflows, reduce inventory loss and theft, increase ROI, and introduce process optimizations, there are questions about the technology that is needed to affordably deploy, effectively scale, and more easily manage such solutions.  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the answer to those needs.  BLE is a scalable, flexible, extendable, cost-sensitive and …

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Media Mentions

IoT tech cluster takes shape

October 30, 2018

It is not just manufacturers that are turning to IoT solutions. The companies that lease space to manufacturers are also looking at providing IoT as a service, much like commercial building owners provide Wi-Fi. Portland technology company Rigado specializes in IoT solutions in the commercial and manufacturing sectors. One of its clients is a large warehouse operator, which owns ...

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