The Future of Smart Spaces is Here

Rigado Edge Sensor Networks Deliver Data to IoT Applications using Enterprise IT Infrastructure

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Bring IoT Networks Out of the Shadows with Rigado Edge Connect

Rigado enables secure, scalable sensors on any WiFi network with our Edge Connect SaaS solution. No more dedicated IoT gateways and unmanaged shadow networks.

  • Runs on existing WLAN infrastructure using Docker containers
  • Unified network management with Edge Direct API
  • Market-proven security with lifetime updates

Rigado and AWS Unlock IoT with the Allegro Kit

A no-code way for IoT solution builders to create visualizations in Amazon SiteWise and QuickSight with Rigado plug & play sensor networks

Trusted by Commercial Real-Estate Providers for Scale & Security

250+ Million Square Feet Covered

100K+ Networks

6M+ Connected Devices

Unleash the Power of Your Building Network

Monitor Occupancy, Energy & Comfort for Hospitality, Retail, Offices and More

Ready to Get Started?

For IoT Solution Providers

Build solutions using our Cascade Gateway, Integrated Sensors, and Azure-ready kits

For IT Infrastructure Providers

Add Edge Connect and unlock powerful IoT capabilities using existing WLAN networks

For Enterprise Owners Deploying a Solution

See use cases for Smart Building & Offices, Quick-Serve Restaurants & Retail, Logistics & Healthcare