Connect Millions of Sensors Across a Unified Retail Network

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Accelerate Your Retail Transformation

See how Rigado makes deploying smart store technology easier and more secure:

Revolutionizing Grocery Operations

Rigado delivers enterprise scale with sensor flexibility for multiple value drivers:

  • Continuous inventory tracking from distribution to store
  • Conditions monitoring to reduce food spoilage
  • Electronic shelf label connectivity & monitoring

The Only Way to Scale for Electronic Shelf Labels

Planning to deploy next-generation electronic shelf labels? Rigado offers the most secure and economical approach:

  • Support for Bluetooth® 5.4, the only global standard for ESL interoperability
  • Ability to combine ESLs and other sensors into one edge network, avoiding the need to deploy a new dedicated gateway network for ESLs
  • Health monitoring from Rigado Edge Direct provides connectivity history, battery life, and alerts on ESL status changes

Rigado and Wiliot Partner to Bring Ambient IoT to the Retail Enterprise

IoT Pixels from Wiliot are transforming the entire retail and grocery supply chain, and Rigado connects them across stores, fleets, and distribution centers

Manage Store and Fleet Sensors with Rigado Edge Direct

When you deploy Rigado, every edge device can be monitored for health, battery life, and location

  • Consistent view across different sensor vendors
  • Support for large organizations with separate locations (sites)
  • Cloud-hosted by Rigado that includes our Edge Health API

Case Study: How We Built a Retail Telematics IoT Solution in Two Weeks

A global retailer wanted to monitor a fleet of trucks with real-time sensors and location tracking to improve operations. We proved it could work.

Rigado Partners with Global Leaders in Retail Technology

Solution providers, infrastructure and technology vendors rely on Rigado for edge intelligence

Does Your Enterprise Need a Unified IoT Network?

Watch our brief explainer to see how it works:

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