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Secure & cost-effective connectivity with edge computing power to run your custom IoT applications

Why Deploy on Rigado for Commercial IoT?

Time to Market

Get started with a Rigado IoT Edge-as-a-Service Evaluation Kit for integrated device-to-cloud connectivity, computing, and managed security. Certified wireless components reduce development costs and shorten time to market by six months or more.

Edge Computing

Get started with our monthly subscription and no upfront costs for fast ROI.
Our IoT Gateways offer the right mix of performance and efficiency for running your custom edge applications in the
language of your choice.

Integrated Tools for
Secure Updating
& Scalability

Rigado’s Cascade Edge-as-a-Service includes our integrated tools for securely monitoring, provisioning and updating devices in the field.

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Company News & Upcoming Events


Bluetooth World & Bluetooth’s Future in Commercial IoT. Starting Over?

September 12, 2018

We are excited to be participating again this year in the Bluetooth World event in Santa Clara, CA September 18th & 19th. As usual, the industry will gather to assess and promote Bluetooth’s place in the low power wireless technology landscape. According to the Bluetooth SIG the tech industry is projected to ship 2.05 billion […]

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No Silos at the Edge: The Need for Shared IoT Infrastructure

September 25th, 2018

Please join us for our upcoming webinar “No Silos at the Edge: The Need for Shared IoT Infrastructure” on September 25th at 9:00AM PT. IoT solutions have been talked about for a fairly long time, but are really just now getting into the main stream of business. Their true ROI …

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Media Mentions

What people are getting wrong about IoT: 10 industry experts weigh in

September 18, 2018

“Companies think they need to build the entire pipeline from sensor to cloud in order to participate in the IoT transformation. That is the 1999 equivalent of ...” – Justin Rigling, CTO, Rigado

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