Monitor & Manage

IoT Network Health

Maintain your Bluetooth networks with Edge Direct Included with every Rigado subscription

EdgeDirect Dashboard on Monitor

Edge Direct is the IT Tool for IoT Networks

Monitor Gateways & Sensors in a Single View

  • With our intuitive user interface, you can easily see each Cascade gateway and monitor CPU, memory, version, and other critical information.
  • See every sensor in the network and view signal strength, battery life, history, and location association.

EdgeDirect deployment diagram

Configure & Deploy Faster

Edge Direct makes it easy to maintain for thousands of gateways and sensors across many locations (sites).

  • Keep track of gateways, applications & locations via a flexible tagging system
  • Set alerts for important monitoring events, such as a loss of connectivity
  • Download log files for gateway activity, for in-depth analysis and troubleshooting
  • Define and update network configurations – including the ability to set fallback priorities across Ethernet, Wi-Fi and LTE connections.
  • Deploy and update Edge Connect data pipeline settings and custom edge applications (advanced feature) with our remote orchestration tools for Ubuntu Core.

Ready to bring Enterprise management to your IoT solution?