The monitoring and management of gateway networks can become a significant challenge – especially with thousands – or even tens of thousands – of deployed devices. And keeping gateways secure in the field, over years of operation, requires a robust and coordinated approach.

Rigado Cascade includes Edge Direct – a set of cloud-based monitoring and management tools that make it easy for teams to deploy, update and administer their Cascade gateways.

*Edge Direct is included as a part of the Cascade Edge-as-a-Service Subscription. Learn more about Cascade

Manage Configuration & Deployment

Edge Direct has been designed to assist teams with the deployment and management of very large-scale edge networks, often including thousands – or even tens of thousands – of individual gateways. Our tools allow administrators to:

  • Keep track of gateways, applications & locations via a flexible tagging system
  • Set alerts for important monitoring events, such as a loss of connectivity
  • Download logfiles for gateway activity, for in-depth analysis and troubleshooting
  • Define and update network configurations – including the ability to set fallback priorities across Ethernet, Wi-Fi and LTE connections.
  • Deploy and update Edge Connect data pipeline settings and custom edge applications (advanced feature) with our remote orchestration tools for Ubuntu Core. Learn more about Edge Connect 
EdgeDirect deployment diagram
Edge Direct Screen

Monitor Gateway Health & Performance

Use the Edge Direct cloud interface to easily keep tabs on gateways deployed in the field, with up-to-the-minute metrics on:

  • CPU load and memory usage for each gateway
  • Storage status and available disk space
  • Network status, including wireless signal strength and data transferred by connection type

Administrators can also set alerts on any of the above, so they are notified if a gateway loses connectivity or is in need of attention.

All metrics, alerts and controls are also available via an API for easy integration into existing network monitoring and management tools.

Gateways Stay Secure in the Field

A key element of the Cascade service are the included evergreen security updates from Rigado. These are provided through our partnership with Ubuntu – the world’s largest provider of secure Linux operating systems – and are made available on a regular basis, as soon as new security patches are published.

With more than 1,000 new potential online vulnerabilities and threats being identified every month, Rigado’s evergreen updating brings a critical level of security and compliance to large-scale commercial IoT deployments.

Edge direct Security Diagram

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