Product Update: Edge Direct Cloud Selector

With this update, customers can now easily choose which cloud endpoint (Azure or AWS) their gateways will use to securely communicate to Edge Direct, giving further flexibility to our customers with on-site IT when deploying gateways.

Edge Direct Cloud Selector

Choose your Edge Direct cloud endpoints

All Rigado gateways are securely provisioned to Rigado's Edge Direct cloud management platform. Earlier this year, Rigado launched multi-cloud endpoint support for gateway communication on both Azure and AWS. With this latest update, users can now securely re-provision gateways to either cloud endpoint in the field.

Like other configuration settings, the Edge Direct cloud endpoint can be easily set at the site level to automatically update all gateways assigned to it.

For full details on Edge Direct cloud endpoints and required settings please refer to our network requirements docs here.

Edge Direct cloud insights

Users can now quickly see which Edge Direct cloud endpoint their gateways are provisioned against, and it will be displayed for all gateways in the Configuration tab along with all other applied Configurations.

Additionally, Cloud is now included in the main Gateways table by default. Users can configure and re-order the columns using the "configure table" button at the top of all tables.