Track & Monitor Critical Assets

In warehouses, on trucks, or in commercial spaces Bluetooth sensors optimize cost and versatility

See How Rigado Sensor Networks Make the Difference

Key Use Cases for Intelligent Logistics

Rigado sensor networks offer a variety of tracking solutions

  • Asset Tracking using Bluetooth tags. Live acceleration data indicates if something is on the move, or is left a site/area
  • Cold Chain Monitoring with data loggers and temperature sensors. Rigado is widely used for vaccine cold chain monitoring, as well as refrigeration applications.
  • Mobile Monitoring with Cradlepoint. Need to track assets on the move? Our partnership with Cradlepoint makes it easy to deploy a sensor network in a mobile environment with the R1900 router. Learn more.

Bluetooth Sensors Track and Monitor Better

Minew E8. Multi-purpose, 2-3 year battery life, low cost.

Want something more rugged? The IP-67 E9 is great for warehouses.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy are the lowest cost, longest battery life option for real-time tracking of assets
  • Need to track location? Bluetooth is great for realtime zone-based location tracking.

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