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Rigado and Wiliot Partner to Bring Ambient IoT to the Retail Enterprise

Salem, Oregon – March 5, 2024 – Rigado, a global provider of IoT connectivity and management solutions, announced today a partnership that will enable retailers to deploy the Wiliot Ambient IoT Visibility Platform in stores and operations centers, enabling the tracking and monitoring of inventory across the entire retail enterprise. With Rigado Edge Connect deployed on new and existing IoT gateways, WiFi access points, and telematics gateways, retailers can connect Wiliot IoT Pixels across their footprint and monitor data more consistently and at lower cost.

Wiliot IoT Pixels are small, battery-free tags that transmit real-time, item and case-level information about their location, temperature, humidity, and even carbon footprint, giving retailers the data they need to improve supply chain performance, ensure product safety, and optimize staff time. Wiliot also provides the Wiliot Cloud, which ensures secure delivery of data and events to the customer.

Rigado Edge Connect and Cascade Gateways ensure the Wiliot IoT Pixels have continuous Internet connectivity across the entire network, while simultaneously connecting other sensor devices such as electronic shelf labels. With Rigado, customers can deploy Wiliot using existing network infrastructure including WiFi Access Points, which dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of installation.


“The Wiliot Ambient IoT Visibility Platform has the potential to transform the entire retail supply chain and store experience” says Steve Gorretta, Rigado VP of Marketing. “By enabling broader connectivity options for both fixed and mobile networks, Rigado can help retailers accelerate deployment of this ground-breaking technology. ”


Ambient IoT represents a retail revolution by completely automating the process of inspecting and tracking inventory, with sensors that never need to have a battery replaced because they harvest energy from surrounding RF spectrum. “The Wiliot platform provides visibility that is proven to reduce waste and increase sales,” says Dotan Ziv, VP of Network at Wiliot. “Our partnership with Rigado will give retailers more flexibility when deploying Wiliot IoT Pixels, which translates to lower cost and faster time to market.”

With this partnership, Rigado and Wiliot have also created a way for retailers to quickly get started with a pilot in a single store, distribution center or mobile trailer. And as Ambient IoT grows in adoption, the companies expect deployments across more points in the retail supply chain as well as in other markets that are transitioning to IoT automation.

About Rigado

Rigado powers unified IoT networks for global retailers and other market applications. Deployed in more than 25,000 locations across 75 countries, Rigado connects over 6 million edge devices with its Cascade IoT gateways and Edge Connect software. Its SaaS offering also includes the Edge Direct management platform for monitoring and managing IoT networks at scale.

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About Wiliot

Wiliot is an ambient IoT data carrier platform company. Our Visibility Platform connects the digital and physical worlds using IoT Pixels, battery-free smart tags that push data to the cloud in real-time without human intervention. Our platform exists within a fast-growing ambient IoT ecosystem. We have partners in that ecosystem that provide applications, tags, and edge devices.

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