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Rigado brings flexibility & scale to power unified store networks

Why do Retailers Need a Unified Edge Network?

  • Leverage existing network infrastructure to reduce deployment cost and time
  • Flexibility to add any sensors & devices without installing proprietary gateways
  • Data integrity & security ensures consistency from edge-to-cloud across all devices

Rigado and Wiliot Partner to Bring Ambient IoT to the Retail Enterprise

IoT Pixels from Wiliot are transforming the entire retail and grocery supply chain, and Rigado connects them across stores, fleets, and distribution centers

The Only Way to Scale for Electronic Shelf Labels

Planning to deploy next-generation electronic shelf labels? Rigado offers the most secure and economical approach:
  • Support for the Bluetooth® ESL standard (part of the Bluetooth 5.4 specification), the only global standard for ESL interoperability
  • Ability to combine ESLs and other sensors into one edge network, avoiding the need to deploy a new dedicated gateway network for ESLs
  • Health monitoring from Rigado Edge Direct provides connectivity history, battery life, and alerts on ESL status changes.

Manage Temperature, Inventory, & Fleet Sensors with Edge Direct

When you deploy Rigado, every edge device can be monitored for health, battery life, and location

  • Consistent view across different sensor vendors
  • Support for large organizations with separate locations (sites)
  • Cloud-hosted by Rigado that includes our Edge Health API

Explore the Benefits of the Unified IoT Network

Single-purpose IoT “shadow networks” add cost, create data silos and increase network vulnerability

Reduced ROI with multiple cloud SaaS fees

Overlapping network deployments

Security gaps & inconsistent data

Increased installation costs & management


A shared sensor network that utilizes existing IT network infrastructure

Eliminates single-purpose gateways

Faster onboarding for new sensor types

Unified sensor network health monitoring

Custom apps and standard cloud integrations

Rigado Edge Connect delivers flexibility and scale for any space (learn more)

"The speed of innovation in the edge sensor market is skyrocketing, making it imperative for us to test, choose, and implement the best technology with no limitations. Rigado Edge Connect enables us to onboard and manage any sensor on our network faster, more securely, at significantly lower cost."

Product Leader,

Top 10 Global Retail & Grocery Chain

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