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Cascade Software EAP Ensures Commercial IoT Solution Reliability

April 26, 2019

Rigado customers have implemented some of today’s largest and most impressive commercial IoT solutions. Radius Networks leverage over one million(!) combined Bluetooth sensor and gateway devices to power their Customer Location Platform – deployed to 30,000+ global quick-service restaurant locations [case study]. Onset provides a cold-chain temperature monitoring solution for pharmaceuticals –  deployed to 500+ […]

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AWS Webinar Highlights Greengrass on Cascade Gateway

March 27, 2019

AWS IoT Greengrass is a true enabler of IoT solutions at commercial scale when combined with Bluetooth Low Energy end devices. Rigado’s Cascade-500 gateway was the first IoT gateway in 2018 to add AWS IoT Greengrass 1.7 capabilities. At that time we mentioned a few of the benefits realized by combining the scalability of Greengrass edge computing with […]

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Flexible Security at Scale with Rigado and NXP Semiconductors

March 5, 2019

Rigado Announces Flexible Security at Scale for Rigado Gateways Using NXP’s A71CH ‘Plug & Trust’ Secure Element One of the mission-critical components of commercial IoT that Rigado brings to clients is security. We do that through managed security updating and a commitment to partner with the industry’s most secure software and hardware providers. At Embedded […]

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