Product Update: Edge Health

Edge Direct adds improved visibility and reporting tools to the powerful Health detection engine for users to quickly identify and address issues with their managed Edge infrastructure.

Edge Direct Health Reporting

Full Site Health Visibility

Quickly find the overall health status of all hardware assigned to a Site at the landing page. Issues are categorized into hardware types and assigned an aggregate health status and issue count for the each.

Edge Health provides insightful and actionable issue notification with issue details such status, time in status, and issue code. It also streamlines troubleshooting by allowing users to navigate directly to the issue in one click.

Actionable Health Insights

Issues reporting now includes helpful context and details to aid users in troubleshooting issues quickly. All Issues are assigned Issue Codes with recommended actions available in the Rigado Documents Portal. It also provides helpful context like Duration of Issue and Severity status to gauge impact to operation.

Users can manage known issues through muting, removing them from impacting overall Site Health status and totals.

Like all Rigado Edge Direct features, Edge Health is available via the open API interface to pull directly into customer integrations and automations.