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Founded in 2011, WeissBeerger has developed the leading data analytics platform for the Food & Beverage industry, now deployed in thousands of “connected bars”. Having been acquired by AB Inbev, the company now serves as an analytics arm of the largest brewery in the world. WeissBeerger Trayz is the only solution that allows owners to track performance, benchmark it against competitors and receive smart insights to boost their business.


Bar and restaurant owners are constantly challenged to maximize their revenue opportunity and optimize operational efficiency. WeissBeerger’s Connected Bar solution, Trayz, provides them with a unique and powerful solution for store performance management – with real-time analytics and industry-leading insights.

Trayz allows bar operators to monitor and analyze beer quality and freshness, workforce staffing and planning, and – critically – to manage their beer waste caused by over-pouring, theft and giveaways. Trayz is used in thousands of bars around the world today.

However, as the WeissBeerger team was planning their next version of the Trayz solution – they identified some key elements that were required to make the solution more cost-effective, reliable and able to scale to hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of locations in future.

Specifically, they required a solution that was:

  • Faster and easier for bar owners to install
  • Less expensive to monitor and manage
  • Flexible, adaptable and future-proof


A key element of WeissBeerger’s next-generation Trayz solution was the evolution to wireless sensor networks for tap flow control and temperature sensing. The previous version of Trayz had used wired sensors, which often required over 800 feet of sensor cabling to set up a typical bar with 16 beer taps to monitor. This made for costly up-front installation and led to maintenance issues in the field.

WeissBeerger selected Rigado gateways to provide the edge infrastructure for the Trayz wireless connectivity and edge data processing, thanks both to Rigado’s ability to connect to the custom wireless tap flow control meters that WeissBeerger developed – as well Rigado’s platform for monitoring and managing the overall system.

The next-generation Trayz solution from WeissBeerger is an integrated operations management solution for bars and restaurant owners, that includes:

  • Rigado C-500W Gateways
    with secure management and connectivity via Wi-Fi & LTE
  • Wireless flow control sensors
  • Wireless temperature sensors
  • Amazon AWS Greengrass running on the Rigado gateways for secure edge computing
  • Amazon AWS IoT Core
  • A DIY Installer App for bar owners

The plug-and-play solution can be installed in minutes, and is monitored and managed through the Rigado edge infrastructure.


Why Rigado?

Flexible, future-proof solution

Weissbeerger required a system that was standards-based and robust – but that could also be tailored to their specific needs. Rigado provides enterprise-class edge infrastructure with support for the unique monitoring and integration needs of the Trayz solution.

Reduced time, cost & risk

In previous versions of the Trayz solution, the Weissbeerger team had developed their own custom gateway systems – which they found costly to create and maintain. Rigado offered a production-ready solution that allowed Weissbeerger team to focus on their Trayz enterprise application.

Fast and easy deployment

Rigado offered a plug-and-play system of gateways and sensors that bar owners can set up themselves by following simple instructions on the Trayz app – taking installation costs from $1,000 per bar down to zero.

Large-scale management

Weissbeerger is planning for large-scale, global installation of the Trayz solution in bars around the world. The Rigado solution allows them to monitor, manage & update every gateway and sensor as needed – avoiding costly technicians and troubleshooting.

“We needed a solution that was robust and future-proof. With Rigado, we are able to monitor & track, push updates over the air easily, and understand the status of all the sensors and gateways. The system that Rigado provided is entirely plug-and-play in our bars, which has taken our typical installation cost from $1,000 to zero.”

Nicky Zintchenko, IoT Lead at WeissBeerger


As of this writing, WeissBeerger is preparing the new Trayz solution for global roll-out in mid-2020, and has been piloting it on-location for several months with bar owners. The business impact achieved by the pilot installations has been impressive:

  • 100% reduction in bar installation costs – from $1,000 per location to zero
  • 45% reduction in beer waste – a revenue impact of $2960 per month
  • Stopped over-pouring of most expensive brands, reducing costly beer waste

By partnering with Rigado, WeissBeerger is able to focus on delivering the value-added applications and restaurant operations insights that differentiate their solution, while not having to worry about the underlying edge infrastructure. Rigado provides the WeissBeerger team with a robust, cost-effective and future-proof solution to support their global expansion.


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