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Asset Fusion is a specialist in IoT strategy and asset tracking software serving customers in complex environments including aviation, maritime, manufacturing and construction. They are a global company that builds business cases and develops solutions using their own asset tracking platform and accelerator program. Jason Colombo is the co-founder of Asset Fusion and led the integration with Rigado and Azure for this case study.


Asset Fusion was approached by one of the world’s largest coffee and quick-serve food chains for a solution to monitor the refrigerators and freezers across their many locations. They wanted a simple yet reliable way to alert if temperatures were out of compliance and posed a risk to inventory and food safety. Furthermore, they needed a simple installation process that would not be a challenge for the store manager to setup and maintain.

Jason and the Asset Fusion team needed a way to get data from a variety of different refrigeration units into a unified cloud application, and make it accessible and actionable for the store managers and business analysts.

Monitoring grab-and-go cooler temperatures consistently across thousands of stores presented a challenge for the retail chain operator
A variety of freezers and refrigerators each needed individual wireless sensors to constantly monitor for issues


Asset Fusion found the perfect solution in the form of the Presto Kit for Azure IoT.  The Presto Kit includes an LTE gateway and 2 Hobo MX-100 temperature sensors, exactly what they needed to demonstrate the monitoring capability the customer was looking for.  Within days, Jason had a working PoC he could show his customer running in IoT Central. Some of the benefits he highlighted:

Simple setup process from unboxing to getting the IoT Central environment setup. The Presto kit was nicely packaged and presented”
“LTE option is a big plus – means zero client impact if desired”
“One would struggle to get an Azure/IoT environment setup this fast without the IoT Central template approach – a big plus”

Jason also wanted to test the Minew S1 temperature and humidity sensor, which was easily added to his IoT Central application, allowing him to compare relative performance and use different devices depending on the environment.

The temperature and humidity sensors fit discretely in the grab-and-go cooler



Immediate Insights

Using the IoT Central dashboards and analytics, Jason and his team quickly demonstrated the value of having real-time, accurate sensor data.

“Within minutes of installing the Rigado solution we started to deliver some insights to the in-store team.

As a result of our work today they discovered equipment that needed repair and immediately adjusted the temperature on some refrigerators.

The store manager and business analyst were
very pleased!” 

– Jason Colombo, co-founder of Asset Fusion

Now, every refrigerator in each store has its own monitor that alerts when the temperature is out of the acceptable range. Asset Fusion can also analyze trends over time to provide suggestions on how to optimize efficiency across all of its stores.

Asset Fusions IoT Central dashboard, showing live monitoring of an individual store

When rolling out the solution, they discovered that different stores had previously been capturing temperatures in different ways, making for unreliable data. Additionally, they found that by deploying this new edge sensor network they could create a consistent data capture and maintenance process across all stores, potentially saving millions.

Ready for Pilot

With Presto, Jason and the Asset Fusion team quickly moved through the crucial Proof-of-Concept phase – which can sometimes take months for a typical IoT project. This allowed them to focus on the expanded pilot and scaling the rollout to more stores. They are also looking to add more use cases with different sensors from Rigado, which is also easy thanks to the IoT Central device templates Rigado provides. As Jason summarized:

“The Presto Kit helped us show immediate value to our customer, and sets the stage for us to expand the solution using the same edge infrastructure from Rigado “

If you want to learn more about the Presto Kit and accelerate your smart spaces project, check it out here!

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