Rigado provides real-time occupancy and activity data to power Safe Workplace and Smart Office solutions.

Space Occupancy & Utilization

Understanding space utilization and workplace occupancy has long been a priority for CRE operators and occupiers – but with new COVID-19 Safe Workplace initiatives, it has become mission-critical.

Rigado’s occupancy sensors, desk monitors and people counters enable space managers to:

  • Track Conference Rooms & Common Area Usage to know when a space is available, or needs to be cleaned
  • Monitor Desk Occupancy & Usage to know which desks are in-use, which need cleaning, and which are available
  • Get highly accurate traffic counts with over 98% reliability to study zone utilization, traffic flow, and ensure compliance with safe distancing protocols

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Purpose-Built Sensor Networks
for Every Space

Finding the right balance of cost, accuracy, and privacy is a challenge for every commercial space occupancy solution.

Rigado combines two different kinds of sensors to create the most flexible, secure, and scalable solution available. They are pre-integrated into the Rigado Cascade solution, making occupancy and people count data cloud-ready.

RS40 Occupancy & Presence Sensor

  • Passive Infrared (PIR)
  • Battery operated low-power wireless Bluetooth
  • Easy peel & stick installation

People Sensing Camera

  • Dynamic stereoscopic camera with over 98% accuracy
  • Anonymized data is only used for counting and not recorded
  • Ethernet-powered IP connection
  • Mounted installation & remote calibration

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Combine Data into a Single Datastream

Deploying multiple devices for a variety of applications shouldn’t require several complex cloud integrations. Rigado delivers a single data pipeline with pre-processed, filtered occupancy states and people counts for any cloud destination. A few examples include:

  • Smart Buildings applications including IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Systems) and BMS (Building Management Systems)
  • Cloud Endpoint applications such as Azure IoT and IBM Tririga
  • Mobile Applications for employee experiences & social distancing
  • Navigation & Wayfinding to find safe pathways through the workplace

Explore our Integrated Sensors & Devices

Dashboard-Ready Data

Rigado’s sensors and edge gateways collect, process and send real-time data directly to your cloud services and enterprise applications.

Thanks to our Edge Connect processing on the gateways, data is delivered in a format that’s ready to be immediately used for dashboards, reports & alerts in your enterprise applications. This includes other sensors such as asset tags, employee badges, digital displays, and alert buttons, which are included with our Safe Workplaces solution.

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