Connect Sensors & Devices

  • Environmental and Comfort Sensors
  • Asset Tracking and Location Tags​
  • Smart Lighting and Building Controls​

Deliver Data to Your Cloud

  • Integrate easily via MQTT​ & HTTP
  • Send directly to your cloud provider
  • Azure IoT & Amazon AWS Certified​

Scale & Manage Securely

  • Run multiple edge apps on gateway​s
  • Monitor and update apps as needed
  • Apply security updates from Rigado

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Rigado provides flexible and secure edge data networks for smart environments.

Cascade Edge-as-a-Service includes all the elements required to deploy and manage your Commercial IoT solution:

IoT Gateways for Flexible Connectivity

Cascade gateways offer flexible connectivity and edge computing power in a secure and cost-effective package.

Packed with an ARM A7 Processor and Ubuntu Core OS for secure edge applications, Cascade gateways provide a wide range of connectivity options:

  • Bluetooth 5 (nRF5240), with a PA & LNA for extended range
  • Wi-Fi 2.4 & 5 GHz a/g/b
  • Support for Zigbee, Thread & Wirepas Mesh
  • Ethernet with PoE for easier installation
  • USB for wired connectivity and expansion
  • Worldwide Cellular LTE Cat-1 (option)

Gateways come in white or black, and can be custom-branded in larger quantities. We also offer outdoor enclosure options.

Cellular LTE is certified for both U.S. and international.

Learn more about the Cascade Gateway
Extensible Edge Computing

The ability to run applications  – such as for data aggregation, device monitoring and lambda functions – is the cornerstone of an extensible edge architecture.

Our Cascade gateways feature an ARM A7 processor with 8GB of storage – allowing them to run multiple edge applications and store data for batch delivery to the cloud.

Gateways  run Ubuntu Core OS for secure, containerized edge computing – and work with our Edge Direct tools for update orchestration and monitoring.

They also include Edge Connect, a configurable data pipeline for aggregating, filtering and formatting  data from Bluetooth 5 and other wireless devices – saving IoT teams weeks or months of development time.

Cascade gateways are certified for AWS Greengrass and Azure IoT Edge for secure edge computing.

Learn more about Edge Connect →
Secure Monitoring & Management Tools

The management of edge networks can be a challenge – especially with tens of thousands of deployed devices. And keeping gateways secure in the field, over years of operation, requires a robust and coordinated approach.

Rigado Cascade includes Edge Direct – a set of cloud-based  tools that make it easy for teams to deploy, update and administer their gateways, including the ability to:

  • Monitor gateway health & performance, such as CPU, Memory and Storage
  • Keep track of gateways, applications and locations using a flexible tagging system
  • Set alerts for important events, such as a loss of network connectivity
  • Update edge applications and data pipeline settings remotely
  • Apply regular security patches provided by Rigado – keeping the Ubuntu Core gateways secure in the field

In addition to the web interface, all of the above features are available via a command-line interface for easy scripting , as well as an API for integration with existing monitoring and management tools.

Learn more about Edge Direct →
Rigado Services & Support

Rigado’s team of solution architects and engineers has deep experience with large-scale IoT deployments, having assisted more than 300 global customers. Our solutions engineers often partner with customer teams on their path to production, assisting with:

  • Prototyping – our Cascade evaluation kit allows a teams to establish a device-to-cloud data pipeline in a matter of hours.
  • Custom device integrations – in addition to  our pre-integrated device partners, we also develop connectivity solutions for custom devices
  • Pilot Support – we can help with initial installation, testing and operations planning – including site surveys and installer trainings
  • Installation and provisioning – a set of tools to assist with pre-deployment and onsite configuration, including mobile tools for registering devices with customers’ cloud services
  • Production roll-out – Rigado account managers work with customers to plan their production gateway manufacturing, configuration, logistics and deployment
  • Support Services – Cascade includes an account manager to assist with any technical, operational or equipment issues

Combined, the team and services above provide a streamlined and secure path from Pilot to Production.

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Creating Secure & Scalable Edge Infrastructure for Commercial IoT Environments

Cascade is often used to establish an edge infrastructure and connect devices in Commercial IoT environments with thousands – or even tens of thousands – of locations.  Below are some examples of the types of smart environments Cascade typically enables.
Smart OfficeSmart Office & Smart Buildings
Commercial Real Estate owners, operators and occupiers require real-time data to power smart office applications such as occupancy, space utilization, facilities maintenance and energy management.
Smart LogisticsSmart Warehouses & Logistics
Logistics operators use Cascade gateways and devices to enable key capabilities as asset tracking, cold-chain monitoring, supply chain optimization and predictive maintenance for equipment.
Connected HospitalityConnected Retail & Restaurants
Retail and restaurant operators are focused on IoT applications that improve guest experiences, streamline operations and improve key safety metrics.
Connected HealthcareConnected Healthcare
Cascade gateways are increasingly being used to monitor patient data, track key assets and equipment, and improve staff scheduling in hospitals and care centers.
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Customer Testimonial

“Rigado’s Edge Connect speeds up our time to deployment dramatically. It allows us to quickly configure Simon, our Bluetooth-based IoT Location Analytics solution, and support new customer pilots in a matter of hours.” 

– Philipp von Glisa, Chief Executive Officer,

Cascade Subscriptions

Cascade Edge Data Service is provided as an annual subscription. Subscriptions include:

Subscriptions are typically for 3 years or more. Pricing is based on the type and number of Rigado gateway devices required.

Note: For customers requiring a different model we offer up-front purchase options as well.


Customers may choose to bundle additional elements with their Cascade subscription, such as:

A Cascade Edge-as-a-Service subscription provides teams with a simple and flexible way to invest in their edge infrastructure as an operating expense with clear ROI – as opposed to an expensive up-front investment.

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