Connect Sensors & Devices

  • Environmental and Comfort Sensors
  • Asset Tracking and Location Tags​
  • Smart Lighting and Building Controls​

Deliver Data to Your Cloud

  • Integrate easily via MQTT​ & HTTP
  • Send directly to your cloud provider
  • Azure IoT & Amazon AWS Certified​

Scale & Manage Securely

  • Run multiple edge apps on gateway​s
  • Monitor and update apps as needed
  • Apply security updates from Rigado

Cascade-500 IoT Gateways

Edge computing at scale
An ARM A7 with 8GB of storage offers flexible edge processing, at a price that enables large-scale deployment

Secure multi-application environment
Easily install and run multiple IoT applications on the same gateway network, for a shared edge infrastructure

Containerized edge environment
Ubuntu Core OS with simple ‘Snap’ application packaging system for secure delivery to gateways in the field

Flexible Edge Connectivity

Wide range of connectivity options
Address all your device-to-cloud connectivity needs with Ethernet/PoE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5, 802.15.4 and Cellular LTE

Best-in-class bluetooth performance
A Nordic nRF52840 provides full Bluetooth 5 capabilities for the most demanding Commercial IoT applications

Simple device connectivity
Built-in APIs to gather data from common sensors & beacons – requiring no device or protocol expertise

Monitoring & Management

Monitor gateway performance & status
Our Edge Direct monitoring tools make it easy to keep tabs on CPU, memory and storage for gateways in the field

Integrated update orchestration
Deploy application updates via the secure web interface, or use our APIs to integrate with your existing CI/CD workflow

Easily manage large-scale deployments
Edge Direct allows you to configure and manage tens of thousands of gateways, in locations across the globe

Security at Scale

Secure from the start
Gateways are provisioned with secure IDs and encrypted keys for your account, enabling verified field updates

Encrypted edge environment
All applications run in secure containers, on an encrypted Ubuntu Core OS & encrypted filesystem with Secure Boot.

Included security updates
The Cascade solution includes ongoing security updates from Rigado as new threats and vulnerabilities emerge.

Customer Testimonial

“Rigado Cascade provides secure, scalable IoT connectivity that allows us to quickly develop and deploy our solutions for connected hospitality. We can help brands launch a reliable, differentiated guest experience even faster, while simultaneously winning the cost efficiencies IoT offers.”

– David Helms, Chief Technology Officer, Radius Networks

Watch Video

Cascade Edge-as-a-Service

Watch our product overview video to see how Cascade Edge-as-a-Service provides System Integrators and Solution Providers with secure edge computing, a containerized application environment, scalable management tools and a variety of connectivity options.

All in a simple ‘Edge-as-a-Service’ monthly subscription. 

Industry Specific Smart Building Use Cases

Smart OfficeSmart Office
IoT infrastructure enabling commercial real estate applications
Connected HealthcareConnected Healthcare IoT infrastructure for hospitals & care facilities
Smart LogisticsSmart Logistics
IoT infrastructure for warehouses, factories and construction sites
Connected HospitalityConnected Hospitality & Retail
IoT infrastructure enabling improved guest and employee experiences
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