Cascade Edge-as-a-Service

combines Rigado’s Cascade-500 IoT Gateways with a secure platform, scalable tools and a managed service.

Customer IoT Application, Edge Connect, Edge Protect, and Edge Direct

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Rigado Cascade provides IoT teams with secure edge computing, a containerized application platform, scalable management tools and a variety of connectivity options.

All in a simple ‘Edge-as-a-Service’ monthly subscription.

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Cascade-500 IoT Gateway

Edge Connectivity, Computing & Security for Commercial IoT

The right hardware mix
Rigado’s Cascade-500 IoT Gateway is the hardware component of our Cascade Edge-as-a-Service solution. It gives teams building IoT solutions flexible edge computing power with just the right mix of performance (800MHz ARM A7 with 512MB RAM & 8GB of storage), features, and efficiency for Commercial IoT applications.

Simple, flexible, extended connectivity
Full range of IoT networking options to support both existing devices and future-proof solutions – including Bluetooth 5, 802.15.4, Mesh, Wi-Fi, Cellular and more.

Edge Connect

Secure connectivity and computing platform with containerized edge OS

Containerized edge environment
Ubuntu Core OS with simple ‘Snap’ application packaging system to make it easier for developers to build and maintain applications at the edge

Secure multi-application environment
Easily and securely install and run multiple IoT applications on a single gateway

Easy device connectivity
APIs to gather data from common sensors and beacons – requiring no device or protocol expertise

Cloud integration agents
Integrate with major cloud providers quickly and easily using code samples

Edge Direct

Intuitive tools for orchestration & edge performance

Quickly orchestrate updates and deploy builds
Schedule, manage and apply application and OS updates, and integrates with DevOps systems

Reliable, remote maintenance and upgrades
Remotely upgradeable with atomic transactional upgrades and roll-back ability. Secure OTA updates keep technicians out of the field

Securely provision devices
Gateways are provisioned with secure IDs and encrypted keys, enabling verified field updates

Easily monitor and alert
Monitor, log and create alerts around key performance metrics such as CPU load and connectivity

Edge Protect

End-to-end security for IoT edge infrastructure

Secure from the start
Gateways are created with a Secure Element and encrypted key at the point of manufacture.

Signed updates & verified execution
Initial programming & all future updates are signed & verified for run-time protection.

Encrypted edge environment
All applications run in secure containers, on an encrypted OS & filesystem with Secure Boot.

Updates to keep gateway secure in the field
Regular security patches are tested & published by Rigado as new risks emerge.

  • Customer Testimonials

    "Rigado Cascade provides secure, scalable IoT connectivity that allows us to quickly develop and deploy our solutions for connected hospitality. Now with Rigado Cascade, we can help brands launch a reliable, differentiated guest experience even faster, while simultaneously winning the cost efficiencies IoT offers."

    - David Helms, Chief Technology Officer, Radius Networks

Get Started with our Free Cascade Evaluation Kit  

Prototyping with the Cascade Edge-as-a-Service solution can help you get started quickly and then scale on the same platform to any size. Our goal is to help your team save time and cost, while lowering your development and security risk, by providing a kit that gives you a head start and makes it easy to deploy to production. Watch the Cascade Evaluation Kit video for more information.

Please Note: Kits are now shipping but we have limited evaluation kit quantities during our initial launch, so there may be a wait-list depending on timing and market interest.

The Cascade Evaluation Kit includes:

  • 6 months of included Edge-as-a-Service subscription
  • A Cascade-500 IoT Gateway
  • A Nordic Thingy:52 Sensor with motion, gyro, temp, air-quality sensors, microphone and more
  • Self-guided development tutorials
  • Device-to-cloud demo code for sensor and integration testing

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