Top 5: How Solution Providers Can Build with the Swift Kit for Azure IoT

Last month we launched the Swift Kit for Azure IoT, expanding the device options and capabilities of our pre-integrated Azure IoT solution for smart buildings and retail. (In case you missed it, check out the webinar here). We already have partners deploying the Swift Kit in a variety of creative ways, and as we add new types of sensors and devices to our portfolio I expect the use cases will continue to expand.

Whether you are considering kicking off a project or already have a Swift Kit and want to do more with it, it’s always good to know some interesting ways to utilize the capabilities we’ve developed. Here are a few examples to show how you can use a Rigado device network to monitor and automate any commercial space.

1. Get an alert when a door is opened

One of the new sensors we just unveiled is the S4 Door Sensor. It’s similar to what you might get in a home security system, a 2-piece magnetic sensor you can install just about anywhere. In our case, we’ve built a device template for Azure IoT Central so you can track history and create alerts when it is opened, open too long, or closed. It’s useful for offices and retail, and fun to test out for those of us with home labs. Here’s an example of Azure Monitoring sending me text alerts when my desk drawer is opened:

2. Display desk and conference room reservations

We added this use case with the Swift Kit, and here’s a tutorial here on how to do it. Using our wireless 2.9″ display, you can programmatically change from Available to Reserved, specify who a desk or room is reserved for, and also at what time. Of course, a simple demo is different from integrating with a desk reservation system, but for that you can use the API into IoT Central or Hub to put it together.

3. Analyze foot traffic patterns

When we launched the APS-90E people counter, much of the focus was geared towards safe workplaces and social distancing. But retailers love the APS-90E for its analytics capabilities. With multiple counting lines and adult/child counting, its easy to deliver in-depth analysis of traffic flow and type in any setting.

Additionally, the APS-90E can track wait times in line. With 99%+ accuracy, you won’t find a better solution for optimizing customer flow with a direct link to Azure applications.

4. Monitor Temperature and Air Quality

This is a new twist on an old favorite! We’ve added some new condition monitoring sensors to our portfolio, and all are available with the Swift Kit. This is perhaps the quickest ROI use case we are seeing right now- in a matter of minutes you can have a retail shop alerted to refrigeration issues, saving thousands of dollars a month in maintenance and lost inventory. The sensors are so easy to deploy, we’ve even had partners create self-install kits for store managers based on the Swift Kit.

5. Tag a device and track it’s movement

One of my favorite images from our Origin Housing case study is the fire extinguisher with the E8 asset tag attached. It’s so simple, but from a safety and security perspective really drives home the value of IoT. Instead of manually checking on high-value or sensitive devices, simply tag them and take a look in a single dashboard- or better yet get an alert if the device moves even an inch. I might have to consider sticking on one the remote control for our next webinar demo!

Start your journey today

If you are an Azure solution or service provider looking to expand your connected spaces offering, Rigado can help you become your customer’s hero. We’ve developed a no-code way of quickly showing the power of a low-power wireless device network with plug and play kits, which are also pre-integrated into low-code tools such as Power Apps and Power Automate.  Connect with us if you’d like to learn more about how the Swift Kit for Azure IoT can jumpstart your project!