The Rigado Swift Kit delivers enterprise scale with plug and play simplicity.

Scale Quickly with Rigado and Azure IoT

Like the Rigado Presto Kit, Swift is plug-and-play certified with Azure IoT Central and Hub, making it the only no-code IoT solution ready for production.

  • Device templates with pre-defined telemetry
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up devices, dashboards, and alerts
  • Example recipes for market-specific use cases

We’ve enhanced the setup process to support multiple Rigado Cascade gateways, making it easy to provision multiple sites under a single IoT Central application.

Build-to-Order Device Options

The Swift Kit allows you to quickly pilot across multiple locations with as many sensors and devices you need, while maintaining the ease of setup and plug-and-play experience of the Presto Kit. For 5K or 50K square feet, the Swift Kit has it covered. Just choose what you need and we’ll include them in your kit:

  • Temperature, Humidity, and CO2 sensors
  • Activity & Motion sensors
  • Occupancy and People Counting sensors
  • Multi-Purpose Buttons
  • Digitial E-Ink Displays
  • Employee Badges

The Swift Kit also includes a Rigado Cascade-500W Gateway with 90 days of LTE data service, for fast and flexible installation. Need more coverage or testing multiple sites?  Add more gateways to your order and set them all up under one application.

The Fast Path to Safe Workplaces

Rigado’s Safe Workplaces Solution runs on the Swift Kit for Azure IoT. The pre-integrated devices and workflows allow solution providers to build return-to-work use cases including:

  • People counting and social distance tracking in restrooms, elevators, and common areas
  • Safe restroom monitoring with integrated displays and alert buttons
  • Employee and cleaning staff monitoring with badge and asset tag location

The Swift Kit devices can send data to IoT Central, Hub, and northbound to workplace management systems and maintenance applications. Devices can always be added to a Swift Kit installation to scale with confidence.

“Within minutes of installing the Rigado solution we started to deliver some insights to the in-store team.”

-Jason Colombo, CTO and Co-Founder of Asset Fusion

Read more about how Asset Fusion used a Rigado kit to accelerate to a production-ready solution.

Quick Question:
Should I get a Presto or Swift Kit?
The Presto Kit is great for a quick proof-of-concept and getting familiar with Bluetooth sensors and devices. If you have a limited budget and want the fastest way to get up and running with basic dashboards, Presto is the way to go. You can always upgrade to Swift later.
The Swift Kit is ideal for those who have a project in mind, and need to scale quickly, perhaps with hundreds of sensors. If you have a large coverage area, multiple locations, or require more than a couple of sensors, ordering a custom Swift Kit is the way to go. You get the same plug and play benefits but with more device options.
Quick Question:
How long can I continue to use the Swift Kit?
Once you purchase the Swift Kit, the gateways and sensors are yours to keep!
We include 90 days of LTE service with the gateway to make it easy to connect, after that it can be used with Ethernet – or you can extend LTE service using your own SIM card / data plan.
After 1 year, you have the option to convert your Swift gateway to a Cascacde Edge-as-a-Service subscription if you plan to keep using it.

The Swift Kit typically ships in 2-3 days, subject to device availability.

Order a Swift Kit

Questions? Learn more about the Swift Kit in our FAQs

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