Smart Retail Solutions

Powered by AWS IoT

AWS IoT enables easy, secure connectivity and management of IoT devices. Gather real-time physical and environmental data, run analytics on the edge, and take action remotely. AWS customers and partners leverage secure and scalable Rigado device-to-cloud data pipelines to enable IoT applications, including for Retail use cases.

Smart Retail solutions for in-store and warehouse operations can be integrated with existing systems and applications, and include:

  • Connected shopper/guest experience
  • Physical environment monitoring
  • Asset tracking for inventory management and loss prevention
  • Safety compliance automation
  • Supply and cold chain monitoring

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner Rigado delivers solutions that drive additional value for retail providers worldwide. Cascade leverages AWS IoTAWS IoT Greengrass, and AWS IoT Core — piping data directly to your AWS instance via Rigado Edge Connect.

Rigado Retail Case Studies Leveraging AWS IoT

About Onset

Onset is a global leader in environmental asset monitoring solutions such as cold-chain and vaccine monitoring for healthcare supply chains. Onset has been designing and manufacturing its data loggers and monitoring solutions on site since the company’s founding in 1981.

Our Work Together

Rigado partnered with the Onset team to configure a gateway solution that gathers, processes and sends sensor data from InTemp vaccine monitors to InTemp Servers via Ethernet or Wi-Fi – where data excursions trigger automatic email and SMS notifications. Onset InTemp loggers paired with whitelabel Onset CX gateways arrive to healthcare sites as simple plug-and-play kits – easily extended as deployment size increases.

Why Rigado and AWS?

Rigado and Onset delivered a real-time cold chain monitoring solution for retail pharmacies to manage vaccine storage and guarantee quality of delivery. AWS was instrumental to the solution:

  • AWS Cognito provided user management for Onset users
  • AWS S3 was used to store the cold chain monitoring data
  • The AWS API Gateway was used to provide access to the monitoring data

Rigado retail experience and AWS cloud expertise were key when partnering with Onset. Together we developed a solution that integrated with Onset’s existing AWS IoT services and is easily deployed and managed across thousands of retail locations.

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About Prologis

Prologis provides efficient logistics real estate solutions to the world. Operating in over 700 million sq. ft. of real estate globally, Prologis partners with manufacturers and distributors to ensure timely delivery of the products that make modern life possible.

Our Work Together

Rigado gateways installed in Prologis warehouses communicate with Wirepas anchor node end devices to deliver asset location data to the Prologis Cloud. This has allowed Prologis to offer large-scale secure and configurable edge networking capabilities as a service to their multi-tenant warehouses.

Why Rigado and AWS?

Rigado’s support for AWS Greengrass and tight integration with AWS IoT services for device deployment and data delivery were key in developing the Prologis solution.

  • Flexible and Open Device-to-Cloud Wirepas Mesh Networking
  • Edge Data Processing Capability
  • Simple Integration with AWS Greengrass

Data from warehouse mesh-based sensor networks is collected and processed on Cascade gateways using AWS Greengrass and delivered to AWS IoT services. Rigado worked closely with AWS Professional Services on the project.

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