April 24, 2019

Rigado Gateways Leveraging AWS IoT Greengrass Power Flexible Edge Computing for Prologis Digital Infrastructure Platform

AWS IoT Greengrass-enabled gateways provide key edge infrastructure for a wide range of smart logistics applications

PORTLAND, Oregon, April 24, 2019 — Rigado announced today that Prologis – the global leader in logistics real estate – has partnered with Rigado Cascade Internet of Things (IoT) Gateways, leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Greengrass, to provide edge connectivity and computing for their future logistics Digital Infrastructure.

The solution will provide Prologis and its customers with powerful, flexible and secure connectivity and computing that enables key IoT applications such as asset tracking, cold-chain monitoring, and preventative maintenance. Smart applications such as these can bring impressive operational improvements and financial benefits to logistics and operations teams. However, the time and cost required to design, deploy, and secure the necessary edge connectivity and computing infrastructure to power these applications is often a barrier to entry for customers.

“We believe the efficiency and safety afforded by these emerging smart applications are absolutely key for our customers,” said Alan Findley, Senior Vice President of Emerging Technologies at Prologis. “Bringing a flexible edge connectivity and containerized computing capability, which also supports AWS IoT Greengrass, to our portfolio will allow our customers to take advantage of the latest IoT capabilities without having to deploy, secure, and maintain their own infrastructure.”

By deploying an infrastructure with Rigado IoT Gateways running AWS IoT Greengrass, Prologis is establishing a logistics Digital Infrastructure platform that can dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of enabling key use cases across its logistics real estate portfolio.

“The Prologis Digital Infrastructure is exactly the kind of environment we had in mind when we combined the Cascade IoT Gateway with AWS IoT Greengrass,” says Toban Zolman, Vice President of Product at Rigado. “The ability to connect to a wide range of wireless devices and sensors, and to easily run flexible edge applications is key – not only for today’s current IoT use-cases, but for those that will emerge in the years to come.”

Rigado IoT Gateways provide secure and flexible connectivity to wireless devices, sensors and tags and exposes those directly to AWS IoT Greengrass at the edge. This enables developers to write and deploy edge business logic using familiar AWS Lambda functions and AWS tools. This brings the power and flexibility of cloud computing to the edge – across the Prologis portfolio.

The Prologis solution is secure and manageable, even at very large scale, thanks to Rigado’s Cascade Edge-as-a-Service solution. Rigado Gateways connect to IoT devices and run AWS IoT Greengrass in a secure edge computing architecture, powered by Ubuntu Core, and include evergreen security updates as part of the Cascade service.

The new capabilities of AWS IoT Greengrass are featured in a webinar available through AWS.

About Rigado
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