People Counting and Occupancy for Safe Workplaces

In our latest webinar, “People Counting and Occupancy for Commercial Spaces,” we introduced Rigado partner HELLA Aglaia, experts in stereoscopic people sensing who developed our latest integrated sensor device, the APS-90E. The webinar recording is available here, and the APS-90E is now featured in our integrated partner device list. Let’s take a look at some […]

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Interpreting data from the RS40

Presence To use the RS40 occupancy sensor to detect presence of a location such as a room or hallway it is recommended to place the sensor on the ceiling to give it the largest unobstructed view of the desired area.  Alternatively you can place it above doorways or on a wall, it is suggested to […]

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RS40 Installation

RS40 Occupancy Sensor Placement Placement and installation of the RS40 occupancy sensor is very important in order to get good occupancy data.  This sensor uses Passive Infrared technology to detect the motion of heat. It is line of sight: any opaque object will block the sensor’s view and limit coverage.  Similarly, windows will also block […]

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How often does the sensor data refresh?

By default, the Presto Kit sensors are configured for an optimal combination of “real-time” effect and data use optimization. These settings can be tuned post-install if you have a specific use case in mind, keeping in mind the data consumption limits of IoT Central. Here are the default settings for each device: Hobo MX-100 Temp […]

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Embrace the Proof of Concept with the Presto Kit

Today, Rigado launched Presto, the first plug-and-play IoT solution kit designed specifically for building applications running on Microsoft Azure. Presto is the culmination of all of the technology Rigado has developed, packaged specifically for the Enterprise market proof-of-concept. I wanted to share what we think makes this a game changing product for Enterprise IoT. Accelerating […]

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Can I get more devices to add to my Presto Kit?

Additional devices can be added to your Presto Kit IoT Central application. If you would like to order more sensors or gateways to add to your Presto kit, including other Rigado devices such as the RuuviTag or Minew S1, please contact our solutions team to discuss your particular needs.

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