Top 5: How Solution Providers Can Build with the Swift Kit for Azure IoT

Last month we launched the Swift Kit for Azure IoT, expanding the device options and capabilities of our pre-integrated Azure IoT solution for smart buildings and retail. (In case you missed it, check out the webinar here). We already have partners deploying the Swift Kit in a variety of creative ways, and as we add […]

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Video Tutorial: Setting up your Presto or Swift Kit

Here’s a quick video tutorial showing how to set up the Rigado Presto and Swift kits using the onboarding wizard.

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Changing the RS40 Occupancy Sensor LED Behavior

This article describes how to enable or disable the RS40 Occupancy Sensor LED Prerequisites: You have installed the Cascade-500W gateway and configured your IoT Central Application. You have activated the RS-40 Occupancy Sensor. 1. Change an Individual RS40 LED Behavior To disable or enable the LED on an individual RS40, select that device from the […]

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Adding a New Cascade-500W Gateway to Your Swift Kit

This article describes how to add a new Cascade-500W gateway to an existing Swift kit and IoT Central. With the Swift Kit, you can add multiple gateways to a single IoT Central application instance to expand your pilot to multiple sites, or to increase coverage in a single site. Please read this notice regarding multiple […]

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Video Tutorial: Configuring the APS-90E People Counter

Here’s a quick video tutorial showing how to set up people counting on the APS-90E. Make sure you have already physically installed and networked your device before following this tutorial.

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Setting up your Swift Kit Cascade-500W Gateway

This article describes how to install your Cascade-500W gateway to work with the Swift kit and IoT Central. Note: if you would like to setup your Swift kit with IoT Hub please contact us to assist you. 1. Physical Installation There are two ways to install and connect your Cascade-500W gateway: LTE Mode: using the included […]

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