Rigado Accelerates Deployment of Enterprise IoT Solutions with Launch of Edge Connect Platform

New edge data processing features help Enterprises bring IoT solutions to market faster with greater security, manageability and scalability

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rigado, the leading provider of Enterprise Bluetooth for Commercial IoT, launched its Edge Connect Platform today, providing a significant update to its Edge-as-a-Service offering. Edge Connect reduces complexity and time to market for large-scale IoT projects, providing easy, extensible device connectivity, edge computing and cloud integration. Solution providers benefit as Edge Connect allows them to create cost-effective managed services that reduce TCO and time-to-deployment for their integrated solutions.

Key Edge Connect features include:

Plug-and-play connectivity for Bluetooth devices such as occupancy sensors, environmental monitors and asset tags.

Configurable edge data processing that collects real-time sensor data and streams it to cloud endpoints such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

An edge computing platform for deploying and managing custom IoT applications in the highly secure Ubuntu Core snap framework, managed for customers by Rigado as a service.

Rigado will share a live demo of the solution October 17th at 9:00 a.m. PT. Find additional information here.

In addition to launching Edge Connect, Rigado made several major updates to the other core products that comprise its Edge-as-a-Service offering:

Network Security — Rigado now offers network-wide secure key management, making it easier to protect large, distributed groups of endpoints against malicious attacks. Combined with Rigado’s ability to secure devices at the point of manufacture and provide lifetime field security patches, this new capability further ensures reliability when deploying IoT at scale.

Device Management — With an expanded set of configuration and orchestration tools in Rigado’s Edge Direct management platform, it’s now easier than ever for solution providers and systems integrators to roll out and manage production Enterprise IoT solutions.

Rigado partners are already leveraging the new platform features to simplify and accelerate their Enterprise IoT solutions. “Rigado’s Edge Connect speeds up our time to deployment dramatically,” says Philipp von Glisa, CEO of asset monitoring company Kontakt.io. “It allows us to quickly configure Simon, our Bluetooth-based IoT Location Analytics solution, and support new customer pilots in a matter of hours.”

The new Edge Connect platform runs on the Rigado-designed Cascade Gateway, which natively supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mesh wireless connectivity, and is purpose-built for Enterprise IoT environments. Edge Connect will also be compatible with third-party edge compute platforms, allowing companies to leverage Rigado’s configurable edge data processing on existing and future edge infrastructure.

Kevin Tate, Chief Revenue Officer at Rigado, notes, “The ability to securely and cost-effectively gather real-time data from commercial environments is the key to unlocking Enterprise IoT’s potential. By simplifying the collection, processing and delivery of Bluetooth sensor data, Edge Connect allows our customers to focus on driving immediate business value – rather than on expensive custom development.”

About Rigado

The Rigado Edge-as-a-Service platform is deployed in more than 15,000 locations across 75 countries. Rigado connects over 6 million devices for Enterprise IoT solutions including smart office and buildings, connected retail, and intelligent logistics. Rigado was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Portland, OR with EMEA offices in London. Rigado can be reached at rigadostaging.wpengine.com.


Kim Blomgren