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How often does the sensor data refresh?
By default, the Presto Kit sensors are configured for an optimal combination of "real-time" effect and data use optimization. These settings can be tuned post-install if you have a specific use case in mind, keeping in mind the data consumption limits of IoT Central. Here are the default settings for each device: Hobo MX-100 Temp […]
Presto Kit troubleshooting FAQ
Cascade-500W Gateway Setup How do I tell if my Gateway is powered on and connected?  The Cascade-500W is equipped with a status indicator LED located on the top center of the gateway. LTE Mode: using the included power supply and the built-in LTE service. Simply attach the LTE antennas, power on the gateway, and wait […]
Can I get more devices to add to my Presto Kit?
Additional devices can be added to your Presto Kit IoT Central application. If you would like to order more sensors or gateways to add to your Presto kit, including other Rigado devices such as the RuuviTag or Minew S1, please contact our solutions team to discuss your particular needs.
How do I determine which sensor is which in my Rigado Presto kit?
Activated all of your sensors at the same time and forgot to label them?  No problem!  Here are a few tips to tell them apart: Flic Button: Simply do several button pushes and see which counter increments in your IoT Central Dashboard Occupancy Sensor: Place one in a concealed area such as a desk, and […]
What does “waiting for data” mean in the dashboard?
"Waiting for Data" means that there is no data available in the IoT Central app for the time period specified in the dashboard tile.  It may or may not be expected depending on the device and circumstance.  Here are some examples related to the Presto Kit: For the Flic button, if no button presses have […]
What is the typical range of the Presto Kit sensors?
There are a few factors that determine the range of the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors included in the Presto Kit: Each device has its own signal strength capabilities, so devices may have different overall range The RF noise level of the environment The physical structure of the environment, and the number of walls/floors and […]
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