Rigado collects, processes and delivers real-time data for key Safe Workplace use-cases such as space occupancy, cleaning and employee safety management.

Space Occupancy & Utilization

Understanding space utilization and workplace occupancy has long been a priority for CRE operators and occupiers – but with new COVID-19 Safe Workplace initiatives, it has become mission-critical.

Rigado’s occupancy sensors, desk monitors and safety signage enable teams to:

  • Track Conference Rooms & Common Area Usage to know when a space is available, or needs to be cleaned
  • Monitor Desk Occupancy & Usage to  know which desks are in-use, which need cleaning, and which are available
  • Use Safety Signage to indicate status via an automated display to show which are clean, available or reserved

Cleaning Monitoring & Management

As employees return to work, companies and facilities management teams are faced with an enormous workplace cleaning challenge – with COVID-19 regulations and guidelines to follow for every conference room, kitchen restroom and common area. What’s more, employees expect clear communication about the space they’re re-entering.

Rigado’s plug-and-play sensor networks make it easy to collect and deliver and display real-time data such as:

  • Know when a space is in need of cleaning based on real-time occupancy & utilization data
  • Know when a space was last cleaned based on cleaning staff activity tracking gathered from phones, badges & tags
  • Update Safety Signage with cleaning status using low-cost Bluetooth displays to indicate availability and instill employee confidence

Employee Safety Integrations

Getting back to work safely is requiring companies to leverage a host of technologies to inform and improve their workplace.

Thanks to our open edge infrastructure, Rigado can integrate with and extend many of those to add new features or speed their deployment. We’re also able to easily add new devices, sensors and data destinations as needs evolve. Common integrated solutions include:

  • Contact Tracing applications that use employee & visitors’ phones
  • Mobile Applications for employee experiences & social distancing
  • Camera Systems for monitoring space density and movement
  • Navigation & Wayfinding to find safe pathways through the workplace


Dashboard-Ready Data

Rigado’s Safe Workplace sensors and edge gateways collect, process and send real-time data directly to your cloud services and enterprise applications.

Thanks to our Edge Connect processing on the gateways, data is delivered in a format that’s ready to be immediately used for dashboards, reports & alerts in your enterprise applications. Common Safe Workplace reports include:

  • Occupancy Status & Activity by room, desk, area, team
  • Cleaning Status reports for management & compliance
  • Safety Alerts & Notifications from employees & staff



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