The Fastest Path to Azure IoT

With the Rigado Presto Kit, you can have an application live in Azure IoT Central in a matter of minutes. Build dashboards, create real-time alerts, and run analytics reports using the data from the sensors and gateway included in your kit- no coding required!

We’ve done the work to make your IoT project even easier to get started:

  • Device templates with pre-defined telemetry
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up devices, dashboards, and alerts
  • Example recipes for market-specific use cases

Plug & Play Sensors

In addition to supporting the library of sensors already available, the Presto Kit includes production quality, pre-certified plug & play devices that can be used for a variety of IoT applications

  • Temperature: the Hobo MX-100 Temp Monitor & logger by Onset
  • Activity: The E8 asset tracker with accelerometer by Minew
  • Occupancy and Motion Detection: The Rigado RS-40
  • Multi-Purpose Button: The Flic button

The standard Presto Kit includes two of each sensor, which are all battery operated and peel & stick installable, making it the ultimate low-touch IoT deployment for any environment.

Real-time Monitoring & Alerts

Using the Presto Kit and IoT Central, you can easily setup real-time monitoring and alerts for a variety of conditions. Instantly receive an email or SMS based on criteria you set:

  • Temperature thresholds
  • Activity or motion of an asset
  • Button press by a customer or employee
  • Motion or occupancy in a secure area

These alerts can be used in combination with each other to create even more advanced use cases. And when it’s time to scale to pilot or production, integrate with Azure monitoring or Power Apps to deliver even greater business value for smart spaces.

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