Rigado Launches Safe & Smart Restroom Monitoring for Commercial Spaces

Rigado’s integrated sensors, displays and edge gateways provide intelligence and automation for restroom safety and cleaning management, including RXR’s new RxWell Building and Officing Solutions.

Rigado announced today the availability of their integrated device network for Safe and Smart Restroom Monitoring. The system includes wireless sensors, displays and gateways to enable data capture and automation for teams implementing enhanced restroom safety and cleaning management solutions – in commercial spaces such as offices, restaurants, stores and airports.

As businesses reopen and employers implement safe return-to-work programs, restrooms pose unique challenges for commercial real estate owners, operators and occupiers. Not only does COVID-19 introduce new requirements for monitoring occupancy, social distancing and enhanced cleaning activity – but customers and employees expect clear communication about restroom safety and cleanliness if they are to confidently return.

Rigado’s new edge device network gives solution providers, systems integrators and real estate operations teams an easy-to-deploy, integrated set of sensors and displays to provide the real-time monitoring and automation they require, leveraging Rigado’s Edge-as-a-Service IoT Gateways for data processing and secure cloud integration. The Rigado Safe and Smart Restroom Monitoring network includes:

  • People Counting & Occupancy Sensors – to avoid overcrowding and maintain social distancing
  • Wearable Badges and Asset Tags – to track cleaning staff activity and location
  • Action & Alert Buttons – to capture cleaning status and trigger maintenance when needed
  • Safety Signage – to indicate availability and cleanliness to employees and customers

Rigado’s new edge device network is being used by RXR’s new Building and Officing Solution, RxWell, to provide restroom monitoring, cleaning management and safety communication. Rigado partnered closely with the RxR team to configure and deploy the integrated devices and edge computing gateways in their offices at 75 Rockefeller Plaza in New York.

“Rigado has been highly responsive, quick, and able to adapt. It’s been crucial.” says Cory Clarke, Vice President of Product Management and Strategic Partnerships, RXR Realty.

While COVID-19 concerns and return to work programs are creating immediate pressure for companies to implement safe workplace solutions – including restroom monitoring – there is also a key opportunity for teams to design and deploy these systems in a way that supports their longer-term smart workplace needs as well.

“Even as companies move quickly to deploy safe workplace solutions, it’s a critical time to consider long-term scalability and extensibility”, says Sean Riley, CEO of Rigado. “By leveraging Rigado’s open edge connectivity and computing framework, teams will be able to easily add new sensors, devices and automation capabilities in the future. This is the key to ensuring today’s back-to-the-workplace programs establish the foundation for tomorrow’s smart commercial spaces.”

Rigado’s edge device network solution for RxR was recently highlighted in a Microsoft Azure Technical Customer Story, and is featured at their Ignite Developer Conference this week. More detail is also available on Rigado’s website.

About Rigado

Rigado provides edge device networks to enable data collection and automation for smart commercial spaces – including Safe Workplace and Back to Work solutions. Their Edge-as-a-Service platform is deployed in more than 20,000 locations across 75 countries, powering enterprise IoT solutions for smart office and buildings, connected retail, and intelligent logistics. Rigado is headquartered in Portland, OR.