Rigado Announces the Allegro Kit to Accelerate IoT Projects

on AWS

Rigado, a global provider of edge device networks for commercial spaces, announced today the availability their new plug and play kit specifically designed for Internet of Things (IoT) solution builders on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new Rigado Allegro Kit includes wireless sensors and edge gateways that can be easily onboarded to AWS, including Amazon QuickSight dashboards.

Rigado brings its expertise in commercial IoT solutions to a variety of applications across retail, restaurants, smart buildings and logistics. Using the Allegro Kit, IoT solution integrators can quickly deploy a proof of concept or pilot using production-ready devices in a matter of days. Rigado has pre-integrated its sensor networks with AWS to provide a seamless onboarding experience.

While applicable to many commercial environments, the Allegro Kit was designed to address today’s most pressing retail and hospitality IoT use cases, such as:

Food Safety: Refrigerator temperature and humidity monitoring

Occupancy: People counting and customer traffic flow

Customer Confidence: Dynamic safety signage and customer alert buttons

Remote Monitoring: Asset tracking and employee badge status updates

Rigado has achieved the AWS Travel & Hospitality Competency, AWS Retail Competency, and AWS IoT Competency designations and is leveraging its sensor technology and management capabilities to deliver the Allegro Kit specifically for AWS customers.

“IoT solution providers want the flexibility and scalability of low-power wireless networks, but time-to-value presents a challenge,” says Kevin Tate, Rigado’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We wanted to create the first no-code solution that fully onboards a Rigado sensor network to AWS, with live data and dashboards for commercial spaces. This takes the time to build a proof-of-concept from weeks or months to less than an hour.”

The integration is based on an AWS Quick Start that was co-designed and developed between the two companies. It includes an onboarding wizard and dashboard templates in Amazon QuickSight. IoT solution builders can also build their own solution on top of the Allegro Kit for a custom experience.

“More than ever, Travel & Hospitality is transforming into a connected industry, with IoT being leveraged to help with everything from food safety to creating new guest experiences. As an AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency Partner, Rigado brings the technical expertise and proven customer success to build the smart spaces of the future for travel and hospitality brands. With the Allegro Kit for AWS, customers can now start IoT projects much faster, reduce deployment complexity and be better able to build what’s next for their business,” said David Peller, Managing Director, Travel and Hospitality, AWS.

“The Allegro Kit from Rigado and AWS allows us to quickly build a live customer pilot using real-time sensor data. We are excited to deploy Allegro for our retail and hospitality customers to accelerate their projects to scale,” said Alex Tilcock, Head of IoT, DXC.

The Allegro Kit for AWS is available for order now on the Rigado website and features a variety of wireless sensors that can be combined for a unified IoT solution. Rigado will be hosting a demonstration webinar with AWS on March 17th at 9:00 PDT, free registration is open now.

About Rigado

The Rigado Edge-as-a-Service platform is deployed in more than 20,000 locations across 75 countries. Rigado connects over 6 million devices for Enterprise IoT solutions including smart office and buildings, connected retail, and intelligent logistics. Rigado is headquartered in Portland, OR with EMEA offices in London.