Rigado Announces Safe Workplace Monitoring Solutions for Azure IoT

New devices and displays enable plug and play data collection and automation for Microsoft Azure IoT, helping companies quickly create safer commercial spaces.

October 22, 2020 – Rigado, a global provider of edge device networks for commercial spaces, announced today the availability their new Safe Workplace Monitoring solutions leveraging Microsoft Azure IoT for plug and play installation. The expanded set of safety-focused sensors, devices and displays are available for teams to purchase and deploy immediately in Rigado’s new Swift Kit for Azure IoT.

Workplace safety monitoring has become a top priority across industries and presents unique challenges for companies with a large number of commercial spaces under management – such as office buildings, stores, restaurants and event venues. These companies – and their technology partners – are working quickly to test and implement systems that deliver cost-effective, large-scale safety monitoring and communication for their employees, customers and visitors.

Rigado’s new solution has been designed specifically to address key workplace safety monitoring use-cases in these commercial environments, such as:

  • Occupancy management & people counting
  • Air quality and environmental monitoring
  • Cleaning activity tracking & reporting
  • Dynamic safety signage and real-time displays

Rigado’s Safe Workplace Monitoring solutions dramatically reduce the time and cost of deploying these systems at scale – thanks both to Rigado’s low-cost, wireless sensor options, and to their plug and play integration with Azure IoT. For example, Rigado leverages battery-powered Bluetooth digital paper displays which can be easily placed outside a restroom or on a desk to communicate availability or cleaning status – a much more cost-effective option than typical wired or WiFi-based LCD displays.

“Large-scale workplace monitoring solutions require both upfront affordability and long-term extensibility”, says Kevin Tate, Rigado’s Chief Marketing Officer. “By enabling a broad ecosystem of wireless, low-cost sensors and devices, Rigado keeps initial deployment costs down and allows teams to easily add new devices and monitoring capabilities in the future.”

To help teams quickly deploy safe workplace monitoring pilots at multiple locations, Rigado is also announcing today the availability of their new Swift Kit for Azure IoT. The Swift Kit allows teams to quickly select and configure their required sensors, devices and displays for simple, no-code onboarding of their workplace monitoring system.

“This past year has accelerated the need for digital transformation in the built environment. Rigado’s devices, sensors, and infrastructure, together with Azure IoT’s intelligent cloud and edge platforms, empower building owners, operators, tenants, and occupants with the insights needed to keep buildings healthy and productive,” said Bert Van Hoof, Partner Group Program Manager, Azure IoT at Microsoft Corp.

Rigado will be demonstrating their Safe Workplace Monitoring solutions and the Swift Kit for Azure IoT at the Realcomm | IBcon virtual conference Oct 26-28th. Learn more at https://www.rigado.com.