Rigado and Cradlepoint: Bringing Edge Sensor Networks to the Enterprise

This week I was joined by our partners at Cradlepoint for a webinar featuring our new joint solution, in case you missed it you can view the replay here. This launch is an industry-first integration between an edge sensor network solution and a WAN connectivity platform. As I mentioned in the webinar, it is a true convergence of OT and IT (Operational and Information Technology, respectively), and creates a new opportunity for Rigado solution providers and Cradlepoint channel partners to deliver sensor data-driven applications to the Enterprise market.

A common hurdle to deploying smart sensor technologies in commercial spaces is ensuring network connectivity and security, often necessitating completely separate networks outside of the Enterprise data network. These “shadow” networks are effective but create additional deployment cost and maintenance. Conversely, the challenge in onboarding sensor networks into existing structured IT networks is that most of them don’t support low-power wireless, and they lack the ability to run edge applications that can pre-process sensor data going to the cloud.

By combining our Edge Connect software capabilities with the Cradlepoint E300/E3000 series all-in-one branch and R1900 series mobile routers, we can bring the best of our managed sensor networks with Cradlepoint’s WAN connectivity to create a true one-network solution:

This is all made possible by Rigado’s Edge Connect portability to other edge compute platforms, and the container environment supported on the Cradlepoint devices, which also support Bluetooth Low-Energy.

Now, imagine you are a Cradlepoint VAR or MSP and you want to add new revenue-generating applications to your service offerings. With additional software options from NetCloud Manager, and some pre-integrated sensors from Rigado, you can prototype and build something on Azure or AWS in a few days. From simple temperature monitoring, occupancy and asset tracking to precise people counting in retail or vaccine cold-chain monitoring for pharmacies and clinics, anywhere you can install a Cradlepoint router becomes a sensor network opportunity.

For Rigado Solution providers, think of this joint solution as a way to broaden the reach of our Cascade Gateways. Mobile spaces like trucks and transit, or branch offices that already use Cradlepoint for connectivity now present an easier path to getting a sensor network online. When necessary, Rigado Cascade and Cradlepoint devices can be used together to create complete coverage for virtually any Enterprise space.

Here’s an example of how this looks in a retail environment. Note how the Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager and Rigado Edge Direct also work together to orchestrate the IT data network and OT sensor network in a unified manner:

Learn more about this exciting partnership in this solution brief from Cradlepoint, and of course reach out to us if you’d like to discuss your project and how we can help you get to market faster!