[Webinar] Introducing the Allegro Kit for AWS

Presented by: Steve Gorretta, Director of Product Marketing, Rigado & Geoffroy Rollat, Lead Partner Solutions Architect for Travel and Hospitality, AWS

We are delighted to introduce the Allegro Kit for AWS – the fastest way to create an Enterprise IoT pilot with live data in Amazon SiteWise and QuickSight. Joining us will be Geoffroy Rollat, Lead Partner Solutions Architect for Travel and Hospitality for AWS, who will demonstrate the Quick Start onboarding process and the applications it enables.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • An overview of the Allegro Kit sensors, including plug-and-play Bluetooth sensors for occupancy, temperature, activity and alerts
  • A demo of the Amazon SiteWise and Quicksight dashboards for data monitoring & visualization, and configurable alerts
  • A discussion of key Enterprise IoT use-cases and Pilots that the Allegro Kit quickly enables – such as travel & hospitality, smart office, connected retail and intelligent logistics

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