[Webinar] Accelerating Enterprise IoT Deployments for Commercial Spaces

Presented by: Kevin Tate, CRO, Rigado & Steve Gorretta, Director of Product Marketing, Rigado

In this webinar Kevin and Steve discuss how the robust and configurable Rigado Edge Connect data pipeline accelerates the deployment of Enterprise Bluetooth IoT for commercial spaces like office buildings, warehouses, and retail stores – enabling use cases like asset tracking and environmental monitoring.

Webinar objectives:

  • Learn how leveraging Rigado Edge Connect enables IoT pilot deployments in hours – instead of weeks.
  • Discover what use cases are driving adoption of edge data solutions in today’s rapidly evolving market.
  • Dive into a successful IoT Asset Tracking solution and reference architecture, including a live demo featuring Rigado partner Kontakt.io.
  • Q&A session with our IoT experts – Kevin Tate and Steve Gorretta.

Ready to Deploy an Enterprise IoT Infrastructure?

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