[Webinar] Finding the ROI in IoT for Hospitality: Delighting Guests While Reducing Costs

Presented by: Jeff Baskin, SVP Global Sales and Marketing, Radius Networks & Kevin Tate, CRO, Rigado

Fast-casual dining establishments are undergoing a major technological shift. IoT solutions are moving beyond the back of house (e.g. inventory monitoring) out to the front, where new dining experiences lead to happier customers who are spending more per visit. Such innovations, however, depend on wireless connectivity and edge computing that can be challenging – and costly – for a restaurant operator to deploy and manage.

As the leading provider of proximity technology solutions, Rigado partner Radius Networks is at the forefront of fast-casual dining innovations, with deployments at major brands across the globe. In this webinar Radius Networks’ Jeff Baskin and Rigado’s Kevin Tate highlight Radius’s restaurant solution and discuss the revolutionizing effect that IoT is having on the fast-casual dining industry.

Topics covered:

  • Streamlining service and delivery operations while lowering costs.
  • Increasing revenues through improving both guest and crew experiences.
  • Best practices for deploying and maintaining a secure and scalable edge computing infrastructure.

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