[Webinar] Introducing the Rigado Presto Kit for Azure IoT

Presented by: Steve Gorretta, Director of Product Marketing, Rigado & Avneet Singh, Sr. Program Mgr, Microsoft

Hosted by: Kevin Tate, CMO, Rigado

We are delighted to introduce the Rigado Presto Kit for Azure IoT – the fastest way to create an Enterprise IoT pilot and explore the value of real-time operations monitoring.Joining us will be Avneet Singh, Sr. Program Mgr for Azure IoT, who will highlight how the Rigado Presto Kit leverages Azure IoT Central for plug-and-play device setup, monitoring & alerts.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • An overview of the Rigado Presto Kit contents, including plug-and-play Bluetooth sensors for occupancy, temperature, activity and alerts
  • A demo of the Azure IoT Central dashboard for device setup, data monitoring & visualization, and configurable alerts
  • A discussion of key Enterprise IoT use-cases and Pilots that Presto quickly enables – such as smart office, connected retail and intelligent logistics

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