Product Update: Device Management

Managing Edge hardware at scale is difficult, Rigado's mission of the last 6 years since the launch of the Cascade platform is to simplify edge management. This month Rigado announces another huge step forward in this mission with Device Management.

What is considered a Device? Devices are Rigado's term for any Edge hardware that talk directly to Rigado Gateways or Edge Connect Containers. This means any hardware managed by Rigado infrastructure is now visible in Edge Direct as it's own Device.

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Device Insights

With Edge Direct Devices you now have access to real time monitoring of all Rigado managed hardware. See overall Site & Account status at a glance with Device health roll-ups. Easily visualize the path sensor data is taking through the network and to your cloud with Device traceability at the Gateway and Site levels. Click into any Device for detailed information on health and status.

Device Health & Connectivity

Find detailed information on any Device to quickly diagnose issues. See overall health with historical information and surface warnings & errors. View properties for each device, such as battery readings, device configurations and versions, and other identity and location data all configurable through Edge Connect. Discover which Gateways can see a Device and which Gateways it is Assigned to and using to report Device sensor data to your cloud.

Device Connectivity Management

Included with Device Management is Rigado's Site Device Manager, which provides connectivity management and routing for all Devices at a Site level. Edge Direct will automatically de-duplicate and optimize Device data routing, including network fail over, of all managed Devices.