Product Update: Edge Direct Roles

Rigado is happy to announce it has added user management capabilities to it's Edge Direct platform. The new User Roles feature gives users the ability to add, remove and edit permissions of their users inside Edge Direct user management.

What do I need to do? No action is required for you as a user, all users will keep the same level of access they are use to by default. All existing accounts will be assigned an Administrator role at launch and have access to User Management. Existing user's roles can be adjusted to restrict access through User Management menu if desired.

Questions about this release? Feel free to reach out to your Rigado account manager or e-mail

Easy User Management

Quickly add, remove, and recover user accounts with the new User Management page.

Assign User Roles & Sites Access

Set access permissions for users through User Roles and control which sites they have visibility to.

Confidently give Edge Direct access to your customers, subcontractors and installers with constrained access to only the areas you permit.

User Roles


Administrators have full access to all Edge Direct features, global settings, and Sites. This is the only role that can manage other User's access and Roles

Typical Users: Solution Managers, Developers, Support Leads

Site Owners

Site Owners have full access to all Edge Direct features within the Sites they are assigned. Site Owners allow for full control over selected Sites without visibility into unselected ones.

Typical Users: Customer Success, Technical Account Manager

Site Watchers

Site Watchers have read-only access to selected Sites only. This gives visibility to a Site's health and configuration without the risk of impacting Site operations.

Typical Users: Account Managers, Sales, Operations


Installers have limited feature access to selected Sites for installation and provisioning. Installers permissions are restricted to Network and site specific configurations.

Typical Users: Installers, Customer IT, Facilities Management