Building the Safe Workplaces dashboard with the RS40

This article describes how to setup a safe workplaces dashboard using the Presto Kit and the RS40 occupancy sensor.


1. Add the Current Status Tile

First we will add a tile that shows if the zone/room is currently occupied or unoccupied.  From your dashboard, click edit and add a tile for the RS40 instance you want to use:

In this case we have already created two zones as examples, and will be adding a third.  We select "Occupancy State" as the telemetry we want to show, and then click add tile.

Click the gear icon on the newly added tile to customize the name, and click the ruler icon on the newly added tile and select "Last Known Value"

2. Add the Percent of Time Occupied Tile

Repeat the process of adding a tile with "Occupancy State."  This time, select "Pie chart" as the visualization in the tile dropdown. Now, when you click on the gear to customize the name you will also have the option to change the "Time Range":


2. Add the Heat Map Tile

Finally, we will add the heat map.  In this case, add a tile using the "Motion Count" telemetry:

This time, choose "Heat Map" as the visualization option for the tile. Click on the gear to name the tile and customize the time range. Very important: click the gear next to the Motion Count Telemetry and select "Maximum.". This will make the heat map represent the amount of activity in that zone over time.

With all tiles now built, you can "Save" your dashboard, resize, and arrange the tiles as desired.  Depending on how many RS40s you setup, it will appear something like this:

The data in the dashboard will refresh about every 30 seconds, showing the latest status of the RS40 occupancy sensor.  Congratulations on building your safe workplaces dashboard!