Changing the RS40 Occupancy Sensor LED Behavior

This article describes how to enable or disable the RS40 Occupancy Sensor LED


1. Change an Individual RS40 LED Behavior

To disable or enable the LED on an individual RS40, select that device from the device list and click the "Command" tab. You should see the below screen with a "state" open.  (Note: if you do not see this option, you may need to update your device template. Either reinstall the IoTC application from the Rigado wizard, or reach out to Rigado support to help with an update.)

When the box is unchecked, the LED on the RS40 will never blink.  If it is checked, the LED will blink when it detects motion.  After making your selection, click the "Run" button to apply it to the device.


2. Change the LED behavior on all RS40s.

You can use the Jobs menu in IoT Central to apply the LED change to all RS40s at once.  Simply create a job using the same command.  Here is an example:

The job will apply to any RS40s in your IoT Central app.  Any RS40s that are added subsequently will need a similar job run to change the LED behavior.


Next up: Creating Alerts for the RS40 Occupancy Sensor.