Rigado Presto: What’s in the box

Welcome to the Rigado Presto Kit

The next few articles will get you up and running with the Presto Kit. If you run into any trouble, check the Knowledge Base for helpful tips and more in-depth discussion.

What's in the Box?

The standard Rigado Presto kit includes the following:


Note: if you have received a custom kit, with different plug-and-play sensors, you should still be able to follow this Getting Started Guide, as the setup for most sensors is very similar.


Presto Kit Contents


One Rigado Cascade-500W Gateway
This includes LTE connectivity with 90 days of service included, and provides Bluetooth connectivity to the sensors.

The Gateway also comes with a 5V power supply. This is required for normal operation, including internet connectivity via LTE, but is not required when using Power over Ethernet (PoE) for both connectivity and power.




Two of the Onset HOBO MX-100 Temperature Sensor and Loggers


Two of the RS-40 Occupancy and Motion Sensors


Two of the E8 Asset Trackers with Accelerometer



Two Flic buttons for triggering action and alerts




Next up: Setting up your Rigado Cascade-500W