Creating Alerts with the HOBO MX-100 Temperature Monitor

This article describes how to create an email alert using the HOBO MX-100 Temp Monitor .


1. Create an Alert

From your IoT Central application, select Rules from the left menu.  From the rules page, click the + New link at the top.  This will bring up the rule creation page:

Fill in the name of the rule (this will appear in the alert emails), check the Enabled toggle, and set the Target template to "Hobo MX-100".  In this example,  we are going to set the alert to trigger when the average temperature over 5 minutes exceeds 60 degrees F.  Under Conditions select the telemetry, operator, and set the value to match below:


Finally, under the Actions section, setup the email you would like alerts sent to. For further reading on how to setup text alerts using Azure Monitors, see this tutorial.

Once your rule is configured, click "Save" at the top of the page.


2. Test your Alert

Once the rule is created, wait 1-2 minutes for the email alert process to be setup in Azure IoT Central. Once it is live, assuming the MX-100 is in an area above 60 degrees F for 5 minutes, the alert should send an email:


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