Adding a New Cascade-500W Gateway to Your Swift Kit

This article describes how to add a new Cascade-500W gateway to an existing Swift kit and IoT Central. With the Swift Kit, you can add multiple gateways to a single IoT Central application instance to expand your pilot to multiple sites, or to increase coverage in a single site.

Please read this notice regarding multiple gateways with the Rigado Swift Kit and IoT Central.


1. Physically Install the Additional Gateway

Like the first gateway, there are two ways to install and connect your Cascade-500W gateway:

LTE Mode: using the included power supply and the built-in LTE service. Simply attach the LTE antennas, power on the gateway, and wait a few minutes for the LED to turn green. Note: The Swift kit includes a SIM card and 90 days LTE service, after which you can continue to use the gateway with Ethernet.

Ethernet Mode: using Power-over-Ethernet to both power and connect the gateway to the Internet. Simply connect the gateway to a live 802.3AF PoE connection and wait a few minutes for the LED to turn green.

The Cascade-500W includes a mounting kit that can be used to install the device on a wall or ceiling. Refer to this article for advanced mounting options.

When you ordered your original Swift kit, you received an email confirmation with a link to the Swift Setup Wizard. You can use this same wizard process to add more gateways to the same IoT Central App.

Open the wizard email

Note: If you cannot locate your email confirmation please contact support for assistance.

Click "Next" to begin the wizard process. You will be presented with the following screen.  Select the option to "Add gateway to pre-existing app" and click "Next."


Now you will be presented with a page with fields to enter the IoT Central application.  Add the ID scope, Keys, and the Gateway Serial for your new Cascade-500W gateway (printed on the bottom label of the device). Note: this may be pre-populated using cached information from your original setup, make sure you double check the fields for accuracy!

Once filled out, click "Next".




3. Verify the Cascade-500W is Online and Reporting to IoT Central

After completing the Setup Wizard, with 4-5 minutes you should see the additional Cascade-500W in your IoT Central Application. From the left menu, click "Devices", then "C500W".  This will bring up a list of devices:

Click on the new C-500W in the device list and it should show your newly added gateway with data populating the charts:

If the device did not appear in the list or the charts do not show any active data, see our troubleshooting guide here.

Next Up: Activate Devices (these can be done in any order)