Product Updates: Managed Refresh and WiFi Region Control

This month Rigado has two new product features that are now live. These focus around Managed Refresh Configuration and WiFi Region Control.

Questions about this release? Feel free to reach out to your Rigado account manager or e-mail

Managed Refresh Configuration

Gateway software update control

Edge Direct users now have access to the Managed Refresh configuration feature. Managed Refresh used to set the minimum Software revision of Gateway system snaps at the Site & Gateway level. This enables users to see and schedule software updates.

Current permissions are limited to view current configuration, or import from another Site. Please reach out to Rigado support for help with creating a new configuration.

What does Managed Refresh do?

Managed Refresh is a list of all Gateway Ubuntu Core system snaps that specifies what track and channel they should follow, and what minimum revision is required. If a Gateway has system snaps below the listed minimum revisions, it will start self-updating to the latest available version on that track/channel. If a system snap is above the listed minimum revision, no action will be taken.

A Site or Gateway that has no configured Managed Refresh will default all minimum revisions to 1, so no updated will be triggered by default.

Track update status in real time

Easily track the status of software updates across Sites and Individual gateways using Configuration States. See an individual gateway's status under the Configuration tab. Track at a site level at the top Site menu under Gateway Status to get the status of all gateways.

WiFi Region Selection

Worldwide WiFi Support

Cascade Gateways now support region selection for WiFi backhaul. Like other Network settings, this can be set in the Network configuration at the Site or Gateway level. The WiFi Region selector has options for all certified Cascade countries. If there is no specific setting for a country simply use the "Worldwide" setting.

For a full list of all certified countries for the Cascade 500 series please see the latest User Manual here. All countries are listed in section 6.1.