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Rigado and Cradlepoint deliver plug & play wireless sensor capabilities using existing 5G routers

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Cradlepoint and Rigado Deliver Unified Enterprise IoT

Cradlepoint E300, E3000, and R1900 routers can run a Rigado sensor network, fully managed by NetCloud Manager & Rigado Edge Direct

Add IoT Services to Any Commercial Space

Deliver new revenue-generating services with use cases that provide valuable insights and automation:

  • Conditions monitoring (temp, humidity, CO2)
  • Energy monitoring
  • Occupancy and space utilization
  • People traffic counting
  • Door sensors
  • Asset tags, alert buttons, e-ink displays

Custom sensors can also be integrated by Rigado

Solution Spotlight: Connected Retail

Add plug & play sensors to improve store operations and customer service using existing Cradlepoint routers

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“By hosting Rigado Edge Connect on a docker container within a Cradlepoint router, Rigado can deliver their application, cellular WAN and Bluetooth capabilities in a simplified architecture that reduces the cost and complexity of IoT applications such as environmental monitoring, asset tracking, and people counting.”    

Marc Bresniker, Senior Vice President of Product Management

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