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BMD-341: Bluetooth 5 + 802.15.4 + U.FL

Status: Pre-release
Evaluation Kits Coming Soon

Rigado’s Bluetooth 5 (BLE), Zigbee and Thread (IEEE 802.15.4) modular solution, the BMD-341 is an advanced, highly flexible, ultra-low power multiprotocol SoM for portable, extremely low power embedded systems. With an ARM® Cortex™-M4F CPU, integrated 2.4GHz transceiver, and a U.FL connector for an external antenna, the BMD-341 provides a complete RF solution allowing faster time to market with reduced development costs.

Providing full use of the Nordic nRF52840’s capabilities and peripherals, the BMD-341 can power the most demanding applications, all while simplifying designs and reducing BOM costs. The BMD-341 is an ideal solution for designs that require the latest Bluetooth 5 features, Zigbee or 802.15.4 based networking for Thread. Increased integration with built-in USB and 5.5V compatible DC/DC supply reduces design complexity and BOM cost while expanding possible applications. BMD-341 designs are footprint compatible with the BMD-300/301/330, providing low-cost flexibility for tiered product lineups.



Key Features
  • Introduced Q2 2019
  • Complete Bluetooth 5.0 and Thread (802.15.4) solution
  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 15.0 x 1.9mm
  • 64MHz 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M4F CPU with 1MB Flash & 256kB RAM
  • USB 2.0 and built in DC/DC converter for direct USB / Li-Ion power
  • Transmitter certifications: FCC (USA), IC (Canada), MIC (Japan) (Pending)
  • Transmitter compliance: CE (Europe), RCM (Australia / New Zealand) (Pending)
  • Bluetooth qualified & Thread-compliant (Pending)
  • Sub-footprint compatible with BMD-300/301/330 (Nordic nRF52832 and nRF52810)
  • U.FL connector for an external antenna
Quick Specs
  • TX Power: 0 dBm @ 5.3mA, +8dBm @ 13.6mA
  • BLE Rx Sensitivity: -96 dBm @ 5.4mA
  • BLE Coded Rx Sensitivity: -103 dBm
  • Pins: 48 GPIO (8 Analog) + USB

BMD-341 Evaluation Kit


The BMD-341 Evaluation Kit is designed for ease of use while still providing full access to the features of the BMD-341 module. Our in-depth, step-by-step user guide will get you up and running in minutes and describes in full detail all of the evaluation kit features.



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