Surj Patel, Toban Zolman & Kevin Tate join the Rigado executive team

It has been a big summer for Rigado so far, and we have some new people that we’d like to welcome to the team:


IMG_1898-2Surj Patel, VP of Strategy
Surj joins us from Sharp Labs, where he was running IoT Strategy & Development.  Surj was previously the founder of Smart Mocha (connected monitoring devices for industrial IoT) and the head of development for GigaOM.


IMG_1932-3Toban Zolman, VP of Product
Toban brings deep experience in cloud-based management tools from Cloudability, where he was VP of Product Development.  Toban has been running enterprise software development teams for more than 15 years.


IMG_1866-2Kevin Tate, Chief Marketing Officer
Kevin joins Rigado to head up sales and marketing, having most recently lead Global Accounts for SurveyMonkey’s research division.  Kevin bring 15 years of technology leadership at companies including Unicru, StepChange/Dachis Group and Fort Point Partners.


Welcome Surj, Toban and Kevin… we’re excited to have your experience and industry expertise on board.