Steve Gorretta Joins the Rigado Team as Director of Product Marketing

I’m thrilled to join Rigado as Director of Product Marketing and wanted to share a bit about myself and what brought me here.

My journey to Rigado took me through a few different startups and acquisitions, often comprised of similar elements such as cloud-managed devices, intelligent gateways, and data networking analytics. And whether it’s a new generation of Wi-Fi, a major evolution in broadband infrastructure, or a disruption like over-the-top streaming video, I’ve always enjoyed being part of something that is in the center of a market sea-change.

In addition to having a great team and leading-edge technology, a similar major market change is what makes me so excited about joining Rigado. Our economy is experiencing a dramatic shift in how goods and services are created, secured, delivered, and consumed. From inventory in a warehouse to wayfinding in a retail setting, businesses are deploying new technologies on the edge of the network to gain better knowledge about their physical assets and drive new customer experiences. Until recently, terms like IoT (Internet of Things), low-energy wireless, and edge infrastructure were reserved for very complex, expensive industrial applications. Rigado has brought these concepts to the enterprise in a way that makes it accessible for a variety of solution providers and system integrators, who in turn can unlock the value for different verticals such as logistics, retail, and healthcare.

I’m excited to see where this goes and how the estimated $500B+ Enterprise IoT market comes together in the next few years. We are just now seeing smart sensors, gateway applications, and cloud intelligence converge in scaled deployments, and Rigado is focused on delivering security and reliability that solution providers need to capitalize on this opportunity.

I look forward to sharing more about Rigado’s work in this space and our vision for the future of Enterprise IoT, and I hope to hear from you about how we can build a more intelligent edge together!

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