Transforming Commercial Real Estate

Advances in cost-effective IoT technologies are transforming commercial buildings into intelligent spaces that are better aligned with the needs of both property owners and tenants.

From equipment and personnel tracking to environmental monitoring and building controls automation – connected office solutions enable smarter decision-making, increased tenant satisfaction and lower operational costs.

Unlocking this potential depends on connectivity and computing at the edge – where wireless devices, tags and sensors must gather data and communicate with cloud – reliably and securely.

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Smart Office Infrastructure

Build your Smart Office solution on Rigado Cascade Edge-as-a-Service and start getting IoT sensor data to your cloud application faster. (See Integrated Sensors and Devices)

Example Sensors Types: Typical Edge Applications:
Desk Presence Sensor Employee Tracking & Schedule Optimization
Maintenance Sensor Supply & Clean-up Notification
Comfort Sensor Building Controls Integration
Occupancy Sensor Office Space Utilization & Smart Lighting
IoT Gateways:

 Cascade IoT Gateway

Case Study: CBRE


CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services & investment firm.


CBRE needed room and desk occupancy data to enable work space efficiency calculations, meeting room availability, and building system automation control in their CBRE Host application. They wanted an edge data solution that matched their pricing schedule with their end customer and did not require excessive upfront hardware costs.


CBRE deployed Cascade Edge-as-a-Service with its simple annual subscription and all inclusive management and update tools. They bundled into their subscription Rigado RS-40 occupancy sensors for a complete edge data solution.


CBRE Host is rolling out enhanced employee experiences around the globe, helping tenants and investors create transformative workplace solutions by integrating property services and amenities with advanced digital technologies. The service is currently provided in CBRE’s most advanced buildings, including Salesforce Tower in San Francisco.

CBRE Host Rigado Case Study

Deploy & Scale Your Smart Office Solution on Rigado

Reliable and secure edge connectivity is often challenging – and expensive – for building technology solution providers and systems integrators to design, develop and deploy. Integrating a secure, low-power wireless (e.g. BLE) solution into an existing building system can be complex and often requires a custom architecture. Additionally, creating an IoT solution from scratch is both time and resource-intensive and often requires substantial up-front capital, unnecessarily lengthening time to ROI.

For these reasons, Smart Office solution providers choose to partner with Rigado, leveraging our Cascade infrastructure as the foundation of their edge connectivity and computing.

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