Transforming Logistics Operations

Smart Logistics depends on reliable, real-time data about the location and status of assets within an environment.

Today, advances in Bluetooth Low-Energy devices and tags are reshaping traditional methods of logistics asset tracking, such as RFID. Companies are finding new ways to extend, or replace, their existing systems with BLE-based solutions – often at a fraction of the operating cost.

However, implementing these new smart logistics solutions requires a secure an scalable edge infrastructure – providing the right mix of wireless connectivity, edge computing, and cloud integration.

That’s where Rigado comes in.
We provide edge infrastructure for large-scale smart logistics solutions.

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Smart Logistics Infrastructure

Build your Smart Logistics solution on Rigado Cascade Edge-as-a-Service and create a secure data pipeline from IoT sensors to your cloud.

Example Sensor Types: Typical Edge Applications:
Access Sensor & Control Secure Access Control & Notification
Asset Tag/Beacon/Sensor Inventory Monitoring & Notifications
Maintenance Sensor Supply & Clean-up Notification
Comfort Sensor Building Controls Integration
Desk/Occupancy Sensor Smart Lighting
IoT Gateways:

 Cascade IoT Gateway

Deploy & Scale Your Smart Logistics Solution on Rigado

Establishing a secure and scalable edge connectivity is complex – especially one that can support the tracking of thousands – or tens of thousands – of assets within a space. Many systems integrators and solutions providers would rather focus on the business value and ROI their enterprise applications can deliver, rather than on the edge infrastructure and wireless device connectivity required to gather the data they need.

For these reasons, Smart Logistics solution providers choose to partner with Rigado, leveraging our Cascade infrastructure as the foundation of their edge connectivity and computing.

Smart Logistics Architecture

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