Smart Buildings Getting Smarter – Realcomm20 Wrap-up

Realcomm20We had a great week last week in Las Vegas, as a partner in Microsoft’s booth during Realcomm20.

Realcomm, in its 20th year, is the leading conference focused on technology innovation and automation for Commercial and Corporate Real Estate and Facilities industries.

The event brings together thousands of creative, forward-thinking, and insightful commercial and corporate real estate professionals from around the world, who gather to discuss and debate how technology, automation and innovation continues to impact how they build, transact and operate real estate. This year’s event was the biggest ever with over 2,000 participants.

Smart Buildings are Getting Smarter

The overall takeaway from the 5-day show was clear: Smart Buildings are continuing to get even smarter. What started mostly as a technology movement of local sensors talking to local command and control units, with very simple demands and all data staying on site, has evolved.

Today’s smart buildings are running more complex applications at the edge (on site), combined with more data that now leaves the office and accumulates in the cloud. This evolution expands the ability of property owners to cost optimize and to grow revenue per square foot via reduced operational expenses and new service offerings.

Smart Buildings and Security

As a result of this evolution, security (for sensors, devices, data in transit, data at rest, operating systems and applications) is becoming an even more critical component to successful adoption of Smart Building technologies. The security component is being addressed with increased focus on more secure IoT gateways, increased edge computing capacity, and an end-to-end data encryption approach, starting at device manufacturing with unique hardware keys and extending all the way through to the cloud.

Complete Solution – Don’t Build Your Own Smart Building Technology!

Additionally, property owners, managers, and operators are now wanting to pay for these types of Smart Building technologies and solutions in a new way. Gone are the days of having to build these solutions from scratch, hiring a team of new technology “optimists”, leveraging months of development time and up-front hardware costs, while hoping for a multi-year, marginal return-on-investment. Owners and operators are instead looking for more complete solutions that are easier to deploy, in an “as-a-service” model, allocated monthly to align with their current monthly operating costs and revenue models. This kind of approach reduces risk, shortens time-to-market, reduces cost and increases ROI from Smart Building technology initiatives.

Find Out More

If you were not able to make it to Realcomm or missed us in the Microsoft booth, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your Smart Building solution challenges and how we might be able to help. You can also catch us at HiTec in Houston, June 19-21st. We look forward to working with you.