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Rigado brings together an ecosystem of IoT infrastructure, sensors, software & cloud partners for complete Commercial IoT solutions.

Rigado’s end-to-end Commercial IoT solutions are developed based on years of experience helping clients in a wide variety of markets design, develop and deploy innovative IoT products and services along with our technology partners.

Rigado partners with our clients and some of the best IoT technology providers to design, develop, & deploy large-scale Commercial IoT solutions. From sensor partners, to platform providers, to cloud providers we work with great technology partners to make complete end-to-end IoT solutions.

For clients that require solution engineering support today, our Solution team will partner with client design and engineering teams to scope their IoT initiative, create a plan, and execute. We are also happy to connect clients with a proven solution provider or system integrator if they need additional help.

For a Rigado Professional Services quote, a referral to a system integrator, or just some simple design help please contact us. We look forward to serving you.

Your Partner for IoT Solution Development

Rigado Solution Engineering

Devices & Sensors

Rigado partners with sensor and beacon providers for a wide variety of applications like occupancy, comfort, location, and more. Rigado has already done much of the integration work with these partners to simplify deployment.

Rigado has also helped clients to create custom sensors and beacons based on special use cases.

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Edge Software

Rigado’s Cascade-500 IoT Gateway has a secure, Ubuntu Core based, containerized application environment ideally suited for your custom application, or an application built by your solution provider or system integrator.

We can also work with you to design your application and refer you to a solution provider to help with the coding. We have greatly simplified building edge computing and connectivity applications for our clients.

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Cloud Services

Rigado has strategic relationships with many of the major cloud providers and has pre-built code samples to help you connect your application to the cloud of your choice. You can also easily connect to your own private cloud instead, if you choose.

We can help you find the right mix of edge and cloud computing as well as the upstream data management to optimize local command and control, application performance and cloud usage.

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